pet incontinence pads

Knowledge for Using Pee Pads for Dogs

“What is a pee pad for dogs? Why do dogs use a pet pee pad? What are the benefits of using a pet training pad?” These are some common questions that dog owners have when using a pet pee pad, so let’s take a look at pets. Related knowledge and common sense of pee pad: What […]

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Experts Teach You How to Choose Baby Wipes

The birth of a baby carries the hope of a family. In order for a seedling to grow healthily and comprehensively into a towering tree, a safe environment is needed. For the health and safety of their children, many parents will not hesitate to spend. As far as the baby’s ass is concerned, professional baby […]

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Difference Between Diapers and Pull Up Diapers

Have you ever sat in a store, staring at a box in the baby aisle, wondering “what is the difference between a diaper and a pull-up?” They look almost exactly the same, are about the same size, and do the same thing! (However, one type is usually a bit more expensive than the other.) So […]

Yeesain at 11th Private Label Fair Asia

After coordination and efforts of many parties, the 11th Global Private Brand Products Asia Exhibition has been held at the Suzhou International Expo Center from March 23rd to 25th, 2021. Yeesain’s marketing colleagues formed a team for exhibition and went to Suzhou to participate in this exhibition. They introduced our products to customers with a professional and […]

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Two Types of Baby Wipes with Different Usage

When choosing disposable wipes, most people will buy those big-brand wet wipes with “anti-sensitivity” or “contains aloe” on the label. But in fact, such wet wipes may still be full of chemicals. We don’t want to have allergies or even rashes when we wipe the baby’s skin with wet wipes. In many cases, even these […]

underpads for bed

How to Choose the Best Disposable Bed Pads for Babies?

Generally, diapers are used for babies, but sometimes children will still wet clothes and mattresses. At this time, the disposable underpads can come in handy. It can isolate urine and keep the bedding dry and clean. So what material is good for the underpad? How to choose a underpad? What Material is Good for The Disposable Underpad 1. Pure […]

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Several Things to Pay Attention to When Using Adult Diapers

The safety and health of adult diapers are issues that cannot be ignored. Let us take a look at the points that adults need to pay attention to when using diapers. Features of Adult Diapers: 1. It is easy to put on and take off like real underwear, comfortable and comfortable. 2. The unique funnel-type […]

disinfectant wipes

Where to Use Disinfecting Wipes with Caution

1. Children’s Toys When using disinfecting wipes to wipe the surface of items, a lot of dirt may be wiped out, but at the same time the chemicals in the wipes will remain on the items. Chemist John Manolas said that disinfecting soaps and wipes can increase drug-resistant bacteria on items, so people should not […]

baby wipes

How To Choose Newborn Wet Wipes

1. Pay Attention to the Feel and Smell There are many different types and brands of wet wipes. Different wet wipes have great differences in hand feel and smell. Some wet wipes are dense, some are soft, some have a fragrant smell, and some have little smell. In this regard, the mother can help the […]