baby disposable blue pad

Can diapers and underpads work together?

When mothers give birth to their babies, they naturally have to take good care of them. We all know that when we were young, we would not be able to the toilet by ourselves. Baby needs to be taught a lot of things gradually, so when they have to pee, they have to wear diapers, […]

full adult diaper

Are adult diapers exclusive to the elderly?

There are many people using adult diapers, but adult diaper products are still a controversial topic. Many people think that adult diapers can only be used by elderly people who cannot take care of themselves or have urinary incontinence. Is that true? Next, I will tell you something you don’t know about adult diapers. I hope everyone has […]

yeesain adult pull up diaper

Diaper or pull-up diaper, which is better

Now that the use of disposable diapers has become a habit of most people, the production process of diapers is also more stringent. It can be divided into diapers for grown-ups and diapers for babies. Many elderly people have illnesses that make them unable to take care of themselves, so they start using disposable diapers. Diapers have a large […]

yeesain kitchen wipes

3 new types of wet wipes in Yeesain

Now, wet wipes are becoming a necessary item for every family. Wet wipes are mainly used for cleaning to maintain goods personal hygiene. When you go outside, you cannot wash things. Cleaning is relatively easy. In fact, it is easy for adults to ignore wet wipes. If you ask other people why they use wet wipes on the street, […]

chemical-free baby diaper

Are chemical-free diapers the best diapers

When we become a baby mother, we will choose the most suitable daily necessities for the baby to use. Whether it is day or night, diapers are essential products for babies. Diapers are items that directly touch the skin of the baby’s private parts, Therefore, in the selection of nappies, the comparison is made with […]

organic and natural baby diapers

Baby Diapers Market Research in India

The Indian market for baby diapers is estimated at around Rs 800 crore per year. About 24 million babies are born in the country each year, according to the United Nations. Approximately 25% of babies use at least 28 diapers per week between birth and 24 months. The diaper market will reach 8.7 billion units a year. The diaper […]

cleaning a keyboard with disinfecting wipes

Do disinfecting wipes kill the Coronavirus?

What are disinfectant wipes? These disposable cleaning wipes have a germicidal solution on them. They are designed to kill viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces such as doorknobs, counters, and television remote controls, Dr. McWilliams said. They do not work on soft surfaces such as clothing or upholstery. The germicidal ingredients on disinfecting wipes are chemical insecticides, so […]

convenient makeup removal wipes, easy your life

How Much is One Package of Wet Wipes

Wet wipes price has begun to attract more and more attention because wet tissue is becoming more and more commonly used in our lives. In order to meet the needs of people, various wet tissue is manufactured to convenient our lives, such as for shoe polishing, car cleaning or lens cleaning, down jacket cleaning, and […]

best dog training pad

That Benefits of pad pet for new pet parents

Have you used a pet underpad? if you don`t, you won’t know how helpful it can be. When we become a new puppy’s owner, we are so delightful and excited to have a little cute life to keep our company. Puppy gives us lots of laughs and licks, at the same time, there are also little […]

A doctor shows a lady a urinary incontinence product

A comprehensive understanding of urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the inability to stop leaking urine. Incontinence is embarrassing because it interferes with a normal and fulfilling life. But there are several ways to control it. This article explains the different types of incontinence as well as management and treatment options. Urinary incontinence is common, and if you have trouble controlling your bladder, you’re not alone. Bladder […]