Baby Diaper

Baby Diaper

Diapers (American and Canadian English) or nappy (Australian English, British English, and hiberno English) are underwear. Let the wearer urinate or defecate without using the toilet, and prevent soiling the outer clothes or external environment by absorbing or containing waste. When diapers get wet or dirty, they need to be replaced. This is usually replaced by a second person, such as a parent or caregiver. If the diaper is changed irregularly, it may cause skin problems around the diaper coverage area.

What Are Diapers Made of?

Nappies are made of cloth or synthetic disposable materials. Disposable diapers contain absorbent chemicals(SAP) and are thrown away after use. Yeesain diapers are made of hot air non-woven fabric, SPA, absorbency core. It has a strong ability to absorb water to keep the baby’s skin dry.

Two Kind of Disposable Diapers for You to Choose From

In China, we have traditional disposable diapers and new type diapers for you to choose from. The biggest difference between the two is the internal material. Traditional disposable diapers have a carpenter and a polymer core. This kind of diaper material will cause lump phenomenon if it absorbs a lot of water. The baby will also feel uncomfortable, but the price is cheap. The new diapers are made of dust-free paper, nonwoven cloth, and high polymers. The diapers are more absorbent and lighter than before. Babies are also more comfortable, but more expensive than traditional diapers. You can choose the right baby nappies for your baby according to your own needs.

How Often Should You Change Your Baby’s Nappy?

Babies may have their nappy changed five or more times a day. Parents and other primary child care givers often carry spare baby diapers and necessities for diaper changing in a specialized diaper bag. Diapering may possibly serve as a good bonding experience for parent and child. Children who wear diapers may experience skin irritation, commonly referred to as diaper rash, due to continual contact with fecal matter, as feces contains urease which catalyzes the conversion of the urea in urine to ammonia which can irritate the skin and can cause painful redness. So, you need to pay attention to changing your baby’s diaper frequently.

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