Baby wipes are a type of wet wipes. Generally speaking, baby wipes are wet wipes used to cleanse the sensitive skin of infants. These are saturated with solutions anywhere from gentle cleansing ingredients to alcohol-based "cleaners". Baby wipes are typically different pack counts, and come with dispensing mechanisms.  Do you want to know more information about infant wet wipes? We will tell you in the following paragraph.


The Features of Deyou Baby Mouth and Hand Wipes

But in nowadays, more and more parents choose high-quality disposable baby water wipes for their babies. Because compared with washable baby wipes, disposable baby water wipes are more sanitary and convenient. Deyou baby wipes also contain moisturizing ingredients, which can keep your baby's skin moist. In addition, with the help of Deyou infant wipes, you can also save the time of washing towels. And In yeesain health technology, we can customize the pack count, sheet size, folding style, fragrance, weight, and material according to your own requirements. Deyou Baby Wipes have these following features: EDI pure water, no alcohol, no fragrance, no shed hair and pull-resistant.

The Advantages of Deyou Baby Mouth and Hand Wipes

  1. No chemical fragrance, no alcohol, no fluorescent agent, no bleaching agent, no formaldehyde, no malonic acid, no propyl paraben
  2. Pass through the allergy test, reject the red ass
  3. Non-allergic formula: specially developed for babies with sensitive skin, so babies don’t worry about licking and biting
  4. Pull resistance and no deformation: thick spunlace cloth for cross-laying, resistance to pulling, not easy to break
  5. Aluminized food packaging: Deyou uses aluminized food packaging, which significantly improves the product's anti-oxidation and fresh-keeping capabilities.
  6. The anti-adhesion folding arrangement design will not cause more waste when you use it.




Baby Wipes Products

baby wipes 80pcs-(13)

80 pcs Baby Water Wipes

Yeesain baby wipes are made with pharmaceutical-grade purified water, aloe and vitamin E for clean and gentle wipes. Each one is strong, soft, large, and textured.

10 pcs Baby Wipes

10pcs baby wipes not only have a small size but also have a strong clean capacity. Safe and no irritation. So it’s safe to use on your baby’s face and hand. 

80 pcs Baby Cotton Towel

Compared with common baby wipes, baby cotton towels are more comfortable.  100% viscose towel can protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

1pcs baby face wipes-5

1 pcs Baby Face Wipes

1pcs baby wet wipes can make your trip easy. You can use these baby wipes to clean your baby’s face hands and mouth anytime, anywhere.


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