80 pcs Facial Cleaning Wipes

Facial cleansing wipes have the function of fast emulsifying speed. It’s suitable for face, lips, and eyes cleaning. Affordable and convenient.


Brand NameYeesainOEM/ODM
Size15*20cm15*20 cm, 18*18 cm,16*20 cm, 18*20 cm, 18*22 cm, 25*25 cm, Etc or Customized.
Package80pcs/packSingle pack, 5pcs/pack, 10pcs/pack, 15pcs/pack, 20pcs/pack, 40pcs/pack, 80pcs/pack, Etc or Customized.
MaterialSpunlaced Nonwoven Fabric, Pearl Embossed.Spunlaced Non-woven Fabric, Cotton, Bamboo Fiber Etc or Customized.
Pearl Embossed, Plain, Meshed or Customized.
Weight50 gsm.20gsm - 120gsm
FragranceUnscentedUnscented or Scented (Perfume Type: Green tea / Lavender /Lemon/ Milk / Aloe Vera etc.)
Alcohol Free Free Alcohol or Customized.
PHFaintly Acid Customized
IngredientsEDI Purified Water, Spun-laced Non-woven Fabric, Moisturizer, Bactericide etc.Customized

80pcs Facial Cleaning Wipes

There are many types of wet wipes available on the market. And we found that many people just use plain wipes to wipe their faces. In fact, not all wipes can be used to clean the face. If you use ordinary wipes to wipe your face, it is likely to damage the delicate facial skin. Therefore, if you want to clean your face, you had better use special facial cleaning wipes. In our company, we have high-quality face cleansing wipes that can be used on your face directly.

The Reason Why You Should Use Deyou Face Wipes

  1. Our facial cleansing wipes can easily remove dirt and cosmetic residues, leaving the skin clean and hydrated.
  2. When camping, you can use face wipes to wipe your face after removing makeup.
  3. Our facial cleansing wipes don’t contain fluorescent and alcohol.
  4. Face wet wipes pass the skin irritation test. So, it’s mild and non-irritating.
  5. Compared with the small package of face wipes, the large package is more economical.

Customized Services:

The sheet size of our face wipes is 180mm*140mm. If you want to get the face wet wipes with different size, we can customize it for you, such as 15x18cm, 18x18cm, 18x20cm, 12.6×17.6cm, 5x5cm and so on. And we can also design the special packing bag for you, our professional designer can help you. We promise that whatever problems you have, we will do our best to help you.


    1. Please put the face wet towel in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.
    2. Disposable face wet wipes do not dissolve in water, do not throw them into the toilet.
    3. If you have allergic symptoms such as facial redness, itching, etc., please stop using it immediately.
    4. Do not let the wipes directly touch the eyes and wounds.

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    Additional information

    Age Group






    Alcohol Free


    Sheet Size


    Brand Name

    Yeesain or OEM/ODM





    Guarantee Period

    2 Years


    Faintly Acid


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