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Nursing Breast Pads


The nursing pads have five layers of protective structure. Enough high polymer makes the disposable nursing pads have super water absorption.


Product NameBreast Nursing Pads
Material1.Fluff pulp+SAP, 2.Non-woven Fabric, 3.Tissue Paper, 4.Breathable Waterproof Film, 5.Adhesive Tape, 6.Release Paper
Package100pcs/box,150pcs/bag,or Customized
FeatureDisposable, Super Absorbent, Eco-friendly, Comfortable
Main DesignUnique Leakage on Sides;
Special Absorbent Core;
Additional Leakage Barriers;
Secure Hold Firmly;
3d Design Makes Fit Perfectly 

Nursing Breast Pads

The nursing breast pads are an essential product for controlling milk seepage during lactation. It uses super absorbent polymer material inside, which can absorb excessive breast milk and fix the overflowed milk inside. The outside is a breathable waterproof layer to keep the bra dry.

The Features of Yeesain Nursing Breast Pads

  1. Strong absorption. Fluff pump + SAP makes the nursing bra pad have strong water absorption and not easy to leak.
  2. Soft and comfortable. After absorbing the spilled milk, our nursing bra pads can not only keep the breast dry but also not stimulate the breast.
  3. We use ultra-thin single-chip non-woven fabric to package breast milk pads, which are safe, sanitary, and convenient to carry. Many breast milk pads are packed in plastic, which is neither sanitary nor environmentally friendly.

How Often do You Need to Replace the Disposable Breast Pads?

Generally speaking, the disposable breast pad does not need to be cleaned, it only needs to be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, you need to replace a new nursing bra pads within 3-4 hours. But if the milk has been saturated with the breast milk pads, the mothers feel the breast has a sense of precipitation, no matter how long the disposable breast pad is used, it must be replaced immediately to avoid bacteria breeding. The washable nursing breast pad not only needs to replace the clean breast pad but also needs to clean the replaced breast pad in time.


  1. High nutrition milk is easy to breed bacteria. Please replace the disposable breast pads every 3-4 hours.
  2. Please store in a dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Please keep the disposable breast pads out of the reach of children.
  4. Please wash the nipple with warm water before feeding the baby, so as to further protect the baby’s health.

Additional information

Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Product NameNursing Pads
Age GroupAdult
Layer5 Layers
Sheet Size12*13cm or Customized
Package150pcs/Pack or customized

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