Feminine Care

Personal Hygiene Feminine Wet Wipe


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Product name:Mini Feminine Wipes
Specification:6pcs/ bag, 8bags/ cnt
Main materials:Aloe and mugwort extract, EDI pure water, spunlace non-woven
Application:Private parts hygiene/daily cleaning/ traveling/ toileting

Personal Hygiene Feminine Wet Wipe

Are you still worrying about these problems? When in menstruation, pregnancy & after delivery: these problems may occur: excessive secretions, heavy peculiar smell, and inconvenient to clean. What can you do if the private parts are uncomfortable? Of course, it’s using Yeesain Personal Hygiene Feminine Wet Wipe. There are 6 pieces per bag,portable and sufficient, to alleviate the embarrassment of the private parts in time.

Features of Yeesain Feminine Mini Wet Wipe

  1. Small and portable, easy to carry around
  2. Fresh and cool, can realize effective sterilization and disinfection
  3. Add plant extract, the sterilization rate is 99%
  4. Skin-friendly material, weak acid PH, can meet the environment of female private parts
  5. Thicken plant fiber spunlace non-woven fabric, comfortable and soft

Customized Services

Yeesain health technology is a reliable health products manufacturer. We will definitely deliver the goods within the agreed time and deliver them to you. So don’t worry about not receiving the goods within the agreed time.

After reading this description, you will know that the sheer size of the portable feminine wet wipes is 145×150mm. But we can customize the sheet size according to your requirements.   Do you want to have a different packing bag? Our designer will make the packing bag what you like.

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