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1 pcs Hotel Wipes


Hotel wipes are made of EDI Purified Water, Spun-laced Non-woven fabric, Moisturizer, and Bactericide. These mild ingredients can make your customers feel comfortable.


Brand NameYeesainOEM/ODM
Size8*15cm8*15 cm, 15*18 cm, 16*20 cm, 18*20 cm, 25*25 cm, Etc or Customized.
Package1pcs/pack1 pcs/bag, 5 pcs/bag, 10 pcs/bag, 20 pcs/bag, 80 pcs/bag, Etc or Customized.
MaterialSpunlaced Nonwoven Fabric Pearl Embossed.Spunlaced Non-woven Fabric, Cotton, Bamboo Fiber Etc or Customized.
Weight40gsm20-120gsm or Customized.
FragranceLemonUnscented or Scented (Perfume Type: Green Tea/Blueberry/Icy Minty/Lavender/Milk Lemon/Aloe Vera/Chamomile/Osmanthus/Jasmine etc) or Customized.
AlcoholFreeFree Alcohol or Customized.
PHFaintly AcidCustomized
IngredientsEDI Purified Water, Spun-laced Non-woven fabric, Moisturizer, Bactericide etc.Customized

1pcs hotel wipes

Hotel wipes are wipes that can be used in the hotel and restaurant. Generally speaking, most hotel wipes are packaged in single sheets. Because single piece hotel wipes are more hygienic. In order to meet the requirements of the hotel, we have special hotel wipes for you to choose from. But before you buy the hotel wipes, you had better know something. You can know it from this description.

The Benefits of Our 1pcs Hotel Wipes

  1. Ro electrolytic water: after multiple ultrafiltration membranes and ultraviolet sterilization, no impurity, and pollution.
  2. Without additives: no alcohol, no pigment, no preservative
  3. Thickened spunlaced fabric: soft, no raising
  4. Weak alkaline formula: it is close to the normal skin pH value, and beneficial to the stability of the skin’s natural lipid membrane.
  5. High hygroscopicity: our hotel wipes are not only rich in water, but also good in water locking.

How to Choose Hotel Wet Tissue?

When purchasing hotel wet wipes, you should select the qualified high-quality wipes from regular wet wipes manufacturers. High-quality hotel wipes will have a soft, elegant fragrance without any pungent smell. But the inferior wet towel has the obvious irritating smell. In the process of use, high-quality wipes will not bristle. But the low-quality wipes will obviously bristle and have an irritant effect on the skin, which is easy to cause skin itching.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Using Hotel Wipes?

  1. You should see if there is a hygiene license on the package
  2. Observe the shelf life of hotel wipes
  3. Check the sealing of the package before use, and there shall be no damage.
  4. Wet wipes should be placed in a cool place, and stickers should be attached immediately after taking out the hotel wet wipes to prevent dry wipes.
  5. A hotel wet tissue can only be used once, and can’t contact with eyes directly. If you have skin redness, itching, and other symptoms after use, please stop using it immediately.

Additional information

Age GroupAdult
Alcohol FreeYes
Sheet Size80*150mm
Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Guarantee Period2 Years
PHFaintly Acid

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