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10 pcs Industry Wipes


Industry wipes are used to clean industry production equipment. With the help of industry wipes, stains can be easily erased. Cheap and effective.


Brand NameYeesainOEM/ODM
Size20*25cm15*20 cm, 16*20 cm, 18*20 cm, 18*22 cm, 25*25 cm, Etc or Customized.
Package80pcs/packSingle pack, 5pcs/pack, 10pcs/pack, 15pcs/pack, 20pcs/pack, 80pcs/pack, Etc or Customized.
MaterialSpun-laced Non-woven FabricSpunlaced Non-woven Fabric, Cotton, Bamboo Fiber Etc or Customized.
Pearl Embossed, Plain, Meshed or Customized.
Weight40 gsm.20-120 gsm or Customized.
FragranceScentedUnscented or Scented (Perfume Type: Green tea / Lavender /Lemon/ Milk / Aloe Vera etc.)
AlcoholFreeFree Alcohol or Customized.
PHFaintly AcidCustomized
IngredientsEDI Purified Water, Spun-laced Non-woven fabric, Moisturizer, Bactericide Etc.Customized

10pcs Industry Wipes

Industry cleaning wipes are wipes that remove stains, oil, ink, paint, and adhesive. With the help of industrial cleaning wipes, you won’t need to use industrial detergent anymore. In Yeesain health technology, we have effective industrial cleaning wipes that can help decontaminate easily. We use high-tech degreasing, cleaning, and nursing formula to make industrial wet wipes. And the material of wet wipes is imported wet strong paper. In addition, our production workshop can achieve pharmaceutical production environment. Do you want to know more information about our industrial disposable wipes? You can it from the following paragraph.

What Are the Product Features of Our Industrial Wet Wipes?

  1. It can effectively remove stains, oil, ink, paint, and adhesive on the surface of hands, tools, or objects.
  2. It has strong stain absorption, tear resistance, high strength, and no shedding.
  3. Only one piece can clean the stain. And no flushing required, easy to carry.
  4. Antibacterial.
  5. We added aloe to protect and nourish your skin. Meanwhile, we can also add other ingredients to make your industry wet wipes smell good.

Product Description:

  1. Industrial disposable wipes are used to wipe hands, tools, or object surfaces.
  2. Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Please use it within 24 months.
  4. Please close the cover in time after using the industrial wet wipes to avoid water loss.


  1. Our industrial cleaning wipes are only used for industrial decontamination and cannot replace professional disinfection products.
  2. After use, please close the seal in time to ensure that it is kept moist and clean.
  3. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds, and other sensitive parts.
  4. If you have allergic symptoms, please stop using it.
  5. Please put the industrial wet wipes in the garbage can after use.

Additional information

Age GroupAdult
Alcohol FreeYes
Sheet Size200*250mm
Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Guarantee Period2 Years
PHFaintly Acid

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