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Toilet Wipes


Toilet Wipes are made from Canadian wood pulp and are rich in tea tree essential oil which can kill 99 percent of bacteria. Toilet Wipes are flushable.


Toilet wipes also called moist toilet tissues. Compared with ordinary tissue, toilet wipes are gradually becoming a new revolutionary product in the toilet paper industry with flushable and skin-friendly features. In fact, ordinary tissue doesn’t have any anti-bacterial effect, while toilet water wipes are absolutely different. Moist toilet tissues can inhibit the growth of bacteria and have a powerful cleaning ability, which can avoid residue bacterial. Henan Yeesain toilet wipes are made from high-quality wood pulp, it can be thrown directly into the toilet after use and can be easily decomposed. Yeesain toilet wipes contain tea tree essential oil from Australia, which has sterilizable and anti-virus effects, it can relieve dysmenorrhea, and prevent private infections.

Toilet wipes for Sale

In developed countries like Europe and the United States, Toilet wipes have been a common household necessity for a long time. For example, in Switzerland, the penetration rate of toilet wipes is 50%, that is, 1 in 2 people use moist toilet tissues. Female users are the majority. Due to the physiological characteristics of women, they will pay more attention to the quality of personal care products during their menstrual period. On the positive side, although toilet wipes for sale have not yet been fully popularized around the world, they will be more attractive and demanded in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland. Nowadays. Yeesain toilet wet wipes have been successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Due to the specialization and advancement of Yeesain toilet wipes production, many customers highly praised our disposable toilet wipes.

Toilet disposable wipes manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of personal care products, we have more advantages than other suppliers. In terms of research and development, we are dedicated to increase technological innovation and cooperate with many authoritative experts, scholars, and laboratories in the industry to form a strong research and development system. Besides, we adopt advanced European equipment and foreign toilet paper wipes manufacturing technology to produce high-quality toilet wipes. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful toilet wipes manufacturer, we will be a great choice.

Flushable toilet wipes price

The price of toilet wipes is affected by many factors, such as the raw materials of toilet wipes,  additional ingredients, the sales system of the supplier, and the shipping fee during the transaction. There is no stable price. Henan Yeesain Technology Co., Ltd has our own factory, which develops, produces and sells ourselves. The price of the product is the factory price. The more you buy, the cheaper you get.

Differences between toilet flushable wipes and wet wipes

  1. Sterilization ability. toilet wipes can effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans. General cleaning wipes do not have the ability to sterilize.     
  2. Whether the PH value is suitable for private use. The PH value is weakly acidic and will not destroy the pH value of the private parts. It is suitable for daily use and can be used safely during menstruation. Ordinary wet wipes can’t keep the pH balance of the private parts.
  3. Water content. The moisture content of toilet paper wipes is half lower than that of ordinary wipes, and that makes your skin clean and refreshes after wiping. Ordinary wet wipes have more water content so that you might feel wet and sticky.
  4. Whether it can be flushed away. The flushable toilet wipes are made of wood pulp, which can be safely thrown into the toilet without blocking and is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Some ordinary wet wipes are made of chemical fiber materials, which are non-degradable, it can’t be thrown into the toilet directly.

ODM / OEM Service

In Henan Yeesain Health, we provide professional and great one-stop customization services. We can customize the products you want according to your requirements, then put them into production and complete the process within the specified time. Whether it is raw materials or packaging design, we can design and manufacture it according to your needs. Interested in our toilet wet wipes? Email us or just give us a call. We will get back to you soon.

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