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40 pcs Alcohol Wet Wipes

75% of alcohol wipes can kill the coronavirus(COVID-19). It’s necessary for you to prepare some in your home and office, especially at this particular time.


Brand NameYeesainOEM/ODM
Size18.5*14cm14*18.5cm, 15*20cm, 16*20cm, 18*18cm, 18*20cm, 20*20cm, Etc or Customized.
Package40pcs/packSingle pack, 5pcs/pack, 10pcs/pack, 15pcs/pack, 20pcs/pack, 40pcs/pack, 80pcs/pack, Etc or Customized.
MaterialSpun-laced Non-woven FabricSpun-laced Non-woven Fabric, Cotton, Bamboo Fiber Etc or Customized.
Weight50gsm40gsm - 120gsm
FragranceUnscentedUnscented or Scented (Perfume Type: Green Tea / Lavender /Lemon/ Milk / Aloe Vera etc.)
PHFaintly AcidCustomized
IngredientsMoisturizer, Bactericide, EDI Pure Water, 75% AlcoholCustomized

40pcs Alcohol Wet Wipes

Are you looking for a kind of alcohol wet wipes that kill 99.99% of germs? Are you looking for a kind of alcoholic wipes that kill novel coronavirus (COVID-19)? And are you looking for a kind of alcohol disinfectant wipes that with high quality? If your answer is yes, then you come to the right place. Yeesain alcohol wet wipes can help you solve these problems.

The Benefits of Alcoholic Wipes

  • Only 75% of alcohol wet wipes can kill the bacteria, wet wipes are virulent if they have less than 75% alcohol. Yeesain alcoholic wet wipes can meet this requirement.
  • According to the professional test, our alcohol disinfectant wipes have no irritation.
  • Actually, 75% of alcohol volatilizes easily. Alcohol wipes without LIDS easily lead to alcohol volatilization and reduce alcohol concentration. We adopt aluminum film inner wall and seal cover, this will ensure that the alcohol concentration is not less than 75%.
  • All of our wet wipes are adopt high-quality non-woven fabric. This can absorb enough germicidal liquid, which can play a better germicidal effect.


  • Alcohol is flammable, keep away from sources of fire and high temperatures.
  • This is dangerous for children, please keep it out of reach of children.
  • Don’t throw alcoholic wipes down the toilet to prevent it from clogging up
  • It’s suitable for all. Perfect gift for you and your family friend.

OEM/ODM Services

Although alcoholic wet wipes are our main products, we still have many other products. For example, diapers, underpads, pet pads, nursing breast pads are also our products. You can choose the product from it. Do you want to have a different packing bag? Do you want to have a different sheet size? Do you want to have scented wet wipes? We can meet all these requirements.

Additional information

Age GroupAdult
Alcohol FreeNo
Sheet Size185*140
Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Guarantee Period2 Years
PHFaintly Acid

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