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1 pcs Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes


1pcs disinfectant cleaning wipes are not only easy to carry, but also can kill the bacteria quickly. And it can be used in many places.


Brand NameYeesainOEM/ODM
Size18.5*14 cm14*18.5cm, 15*20cm, 16*20cm, 18*18cm, 18*20cm, 20*20cm, Etc or Customized.
Package1pcs/packSingle pack, 5pcs/pack, 10pcs/pack, 15pcs/pack, 20pcs/pack, 40pcs/pack, 80pcs/pack, Etc or Customized.
MaterialSpun-laced Non-woven FabricSpun-laced Non-woven Fabric, Cotton, Bamboo Fiber Etc or Customized.
Weight50gsm40gsm - 120gsm
FragranceUnscentedUnscented or Scented (Perfume Type: Green Tea / Lavender /Lemon/ Milk / Aloe Vera etc.)
AlcoholFreeFree Alcohol or Customized.
PHFaintly AcidCustomized
IngredientsMoisturizer, Bactericide, EDI Pure Water, Benzalkonium ChlorideCustomized

1pcs disinfectant cleaning wipes

In our daily life, there are many kinds of germs around us. In order to kill these bacteria, you need to use professional disinfectant cleaning wipes. Yeesain disinfectant cleaning wipes are an effective disinfectant wipe that can remove many kinds of germs. Because benzalkonium is the main ingredient of this disinfectant wipes. And this ingredient has a strong bactericidal capacity. Thus, if you are finding high-quality antiseptic cleansing wipes, Yeesain portable disinfecting wipes can help you a lot.

The advantages of our portable disinfecting wipes

  • It can kill 99.9% of bacteria in a short time.
  • In addition, because these disinfectant hand wipes are packaged separately, they are portable and convenient. You can put it in your bags and pockets.
  • Benzalkonium chloride is a dual-function disinfectant, which can not only kill bacteria/fungi, but also kill/inhibit viruses. Therefore, if you want to find wet wipes that can kill most of the germs. Antiseptic cleansing wipes will be a good choice.
  • Disinfectant hand wipes are colorless and no stimulation.


  • You’d better keep the wipes out of the children’s reach.
  • If the antiseptic cleansing wipes accidentally come into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • If you are allergic after using portable disinfecting wipes, you need to stop using it immediately.

Customized service

In our company, there are many kinds of hygiene products that we can produce. We can not only make different wet wipes, but also make diapers, underpads and nursing breast pads. No matter what kind of products you want, we can provide it for you. Of course, we provide OEM/ODM services.
For example, if you want the antiseptic cleansing wipes with different packing bags, we can design a suitable packing bag for you. And if you want the disinfectant hand wipes with different sizes, we can also meet your requirements. There are many sheet sizes for you to choose from. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need it.

Additional information

Age GroupAdult
Alcohol FreeYes
Sheet Size185*140
Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Guarantee Period2 Years
PHFaintly Acid

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