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50 Pcs Canister Alcohol Wipes


Yeesain 50 pcs canister alcohol wipes for sale are made of excellent non-woven materials, which are quite wear-resistant and soft. We have a strong capacity to provide customized service.


Brand Name:Yeesain
Product Name:Canister Wipes
Sheet Size:150*200 mm
Package:100 pcs/bag
Materials:Spunlaced Non-woven
Fabric Cross Laid pearl Embossed
Cloth Stretch:Cross Laid
Weight:50 gsm
Folding Style:Z fold
Alcohol:75% Alcohol
Packing Materials:Eco friendly canister

Advantages of Yeesain 50 pcs canister alcohol wipes

  1. High-quality non-woven material, wearable and soft
  2. It can kill 99.9% of the virus in a very short time, and it is also the absolute enemy of Covid-19.
  3. 50 pcs alcohol wipe tissues are no stimulation and colorless.
  4. We have a very strong capacity to provide customized service, canister sizes, canister packaging themes, wipe sheet sizes, wipe material, etc, these all can be customized for your special requirements.
  5. Fast delivery time and definitely wholesale price.

50 Pcs Canister Alcohol Wipes for Sale

Our 50 pcs canister alcohol wipes for sale are made of excellent non-woven materials, which are quite wear-resistant and soft. Yeesain 75% alcohol disinfectant wet wipes, 50 pcs per canister, with high-quality material and attractive appearance, healthy and clean. At this time, it is highly helpful for every family due to its strong extermination of the Covid-19. Furthermore, it has an extremely wide range of applications, which can wipe the phone, hand, keyboard, tableware, office equipment, children`s toys, and portable supplies, etc. Besides, Yeesain health technology provides strong OEM/ODM service, 80 pcs, 100 pcs are available. Welcome to contact us for more useful information.

What should we pay attention to when we using alcohol wipes?

  1. People who allergic to alcohol should stay away from alcohol wet wipes
  2. Yeesain canister disinfectant wipes would better out of reach of children
  3. Do not throw wet wipes down the toilet in case of clogging up
  4. Alcohol is flammable, please get it away from fire and high temperatures
  5. It is quite suitable for every family to keep health

OEM/ODM Service of Yeesain Health Co., Ltd

As one of the leader disposable hygiene products manufacturers in China, we have 30 acres of standardized industrial plants, 10 most advanced wipe tissue production lines, and quality inspection instructions, which can be applied to various material production requirements. Yeesain daily production of wet wipes is 5 million sheets. Therefore, we have a highly strong capacity to provide OEM/ODM service to meet your needs. Are you looking for a strong and reliable wipes supplier? Leave your requirement and start your business right now.

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