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Difference Between Diapers and Pull Up Diapers

Have you ever sat in a store, staring at a box in the baby aisle, wondering “what is the difference between a diaper and a pull-up?” They look almost exactly the same, are about the same size, and do the same thing! (However, one type is usually a bit more expensive than the other.) So […]

Diaper water absorption test

What are the differences between the different thicknesses of the nappy absorbent material?

Best absorbent nappies are made of polymer water-absorbent resin materials. The thickness of the nappies is also different. The thinner nappies will have better air permeability, and the thick ones will also be relatively more absorbent. So, what is the difference between the different thicknesses of the absorbent material for diapers? Differences between different thickness of […]

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How to identify the quality of baby diapers

We don`t have to buy the best newborn nappies, we`d better purchase safe and reliable diapers with anti-counterfeit trademarks for our babies. It`s not recommended to choose a diaper with pungent odors. If diapers contain formaldehyde, they will affect your baby’s health. If you buy diapers, you must choose regular manufacturers. The quality depends on the water […]

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Baby Diapers Market Research in India

The Indian market for baby diapers is estimated at around Rs 800 crore per year. About 24 million babies are born in the country each year, according to the United Nations. Approximately 25% of babies use at least 28 diapers per week between birth and 24 months. The diaper market will reach 8.7 billion units a year. The diaper […]

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Cloth diaper vs disposable diaper, which is suitable for you

Want to know whether to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Find out how they compare in terms of comfort, price, convenience, etc. Maybe you’ve always planned to be a diaper-wearing parent. Maybe you’ve never thought of using anything other than disposable diapers. Anyway, when it comes to cloth diapers and disposable diapers, you should know that […]