We don`t have to buy the best newborn nappies, we`d better purchase safe and reliable diapers with anti-counterfeit trademarks for our babies. It`s not recommended to choose a diaper with pungent odors. If diapers contain formaldehyde, they will affect your baby's health. If you buy diapers, you must choose regular manufacturers. The quality depends on the water absorption and flexibility of the diapers, as well as the softness of the cotton cloth. Generally, baby diapers of regular manufacturers like Yeesain will have quality assurance. So, how do you see that diapers have formaldehyde?

baby wearing diaper
baby wearing diaper

Baby diapers with pungent smell is unqualified

Baby Diapers have great benefits for children, but we still need to understand whether the diapers contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a big enemy in life, especially for diapers, if the content of formaldehyde in diapers exceeds the standard, Then the harm to the baby is very big. The diaper touches important parts of the baby's body. First of all, if there is a pungent smell in the diaper, it does not necessarily mean that it contains formaldehyde, it may also be due to other reasons, such as the smell of the packaging bag and some raw materials. Baby diapers with a pungent smell must be unqualified.

Therefore, regardless of whether it contains formaldehyde, it is recommended that mothers do not use this type of diaper. In addition, how do we identify whether formaldehyde is contained in diapers? Different measurement methods are used and the results vary greatly. Some people will think of using a handheld air monitor to detect the formaldehyde contained in diapers, but the handheld air detector detects formaldehyde. It is the formaldehyde content in the air. Diapers belong to paper. They have no way to match, so this method will definitely lead to incorrect test results. Moreover, the last time the Tianjin Consumers Association detected eleven types of diapers that contained formaldehyde. There was a problem with the detection method, which was corrected later. Therefore, to identify whether the baby diapers contain formaldehyde, they still need to be sent to the inspection center for testing.

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved. After children are born, they use diapers. There are many varieties of diapers, and there are countless brands. Parents are very careful about the things the baby uses, not to mention the things that directly touch the baby’s private parts. A while ago, they want the best diapers for babies. Parents said that the formaldehyde in diapers exceeded the standard. Parents were very worried. They should pay more attention to the product selection. If the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, you must not use it. Using diapers with excessive formaldehyde will cause your baby's skin to become red and swollen. Cause skin disease, clean your baby’s skin, during this time, you can use diapers to let your baby’s buttocks bask in the sun. Buy professional regular diapers. When buying baby diapers, you must carefully check whether the packaging is standard. As long as it is a regular diaper, the packaging must be very detailed, including the standard number of the product name, and pay attention to the quality of the packaging and text printing.

baby pull up pants
baby pull up pants

This is also to check the details of the exterior part of the product. The packaging of counterfeit products is very rough and will have a great pungent smell. Mothers must pay attention when choosing. You can go to a professional maternal and child store to buy. Or large supermarkets, where the products are generally very good. It is indeed a very important thing. Children`s use of diapers with excessive formaldehyde will have a great impact on children, and serious problems will affect children`s private parts. We must look carefully at the time of purchase. Do not buy fake or expired Yes, diapers with excessive formaldehyde, for the baby's direct contact with the skin, you must choose a good one that suits your baby.

How to identify the quality of diapers?

Baby diapers are indeed very convenient, save the trouble of frequent diaper washing, and are very hygienic. If consumers buy qualified diapers, change them frequently, and keep their buttocks ventilated, the probability of adverse symptoms will be very small. We might not buy the best nappies, but you need to buy quality and reliable diapers. If you buy lower-quality diapers, it will still be harmful to your baby's health.

Look: visually observe whether the workmanship of the diaper is fine, whether the color of the diaper is normal white, if it is yellowish or too white, it is not good. You can use a purple flashlight to shine on your diapers.

Touch: Try the softness of the diaper with your hands or by sticking the diaper on your face. Soft diapers are comfortable for babies to wear.

Is the diaper tailoring reasonable: diapers are all made through different templates and different machines, and there are certain differences in design, tailoring, and craftsmanship. Observe the shape of the diaper, if it is made of elastic, tighter elastic cut, it will be softer, firmer, and more fit, which greatly improves the leak-proof ness of the leg circumference.

Is there an elastic fit: Choose an elastic waist patch, the baby will not cause too much pressure when wearing it, it can fit the baby's body shape more, and make the baby move freely.

As parents of newborns, it is important to learn how to identify the quality of diapers. Henan Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced manufacturer of baby diapers in China. Every piece of diapers we sell is strictly tested and will not harm the baby. We provide customized services and can manufacture baby diapers according to your requirements. If you want more information about our company, please send us an email, we will get back to you soon.