baby underpad

Baby Underpad

Baby Underpad

Baby underpads are not diapers or pull up diapers. Its main function is to isolate urine, so as to ensure that the mattress below is not soaked in urine. Deyou disposable diaper changing mat has the characteristics of light weight and a large amount of water absorption. With the help of diaper changing mat, you’ll save yourself the trouble of changing the sheets. Today, we are going to talk about our nappy changing mat.

The Material and Design of Our Baby Under Pads

To be honest, our baby’s diaper pad is made of a variety of materials, the front is made of a soft, absorbent material, and the back is made of waterproof and impermeable material. And we have four layers of design for the pad, which are the surface layer, the suction layer, the waterproof layer, and the bottom layer. In addition, the waterproof layer is made of TPU waterproof and breathable membrane. This design of the pad fully takes into account the water absorption, water resistance, air permeability, comfort, and other major requirements.

How to Use Baby Underpads for Bed?

Some mothers have never used a pad before, and don’t know if baby disposable bed mats are useful. In fact, since the child is born, the diaper pad can be used all the time until the child can use the toilet at the age of 2 or 3. As for how to use the baby disposable bed mats, it is recommended that you lay it directly on the child’s body. When it’s cold, you can add a comfortable sheet on it. When it’s hot, you can spread a thin sheet on it. If the disposable bed mat is wet, you can replace it with another one.

Methods for You to Choose the Superior Baby Urinal Pad

There are many kinds of baby nappy changing pads on the market. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality baby under pad becomes a problem. You can know the method of choosing baby urine from the following sentences.

  • Look at the material of the product. You had better choose a baby nappy changing pad made of high-quality non-woven fabric.
  • The surface of baby urine underpads should be soft, and you should avoid choosing the underpad with a rough surface.
  • Then test the absorbent function of the baby urinal pad. Good baby underpads for bed will have a good water-absorbing capacity.
  • Check whether there is a professional design team, whether the pattern has been repeatedly demonstrated.
  • Brand. You had better choose the baby underpads for bed with a famous brand. Because they can assure quality and delivery time.

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