Alcohol wipes are easy to carry and safe (alcohol sprays have safety hazards). They can not only wipe hands and hard surfaces of objects, making them particularly popular.

It is precisely because people's demand for alcohol wipes has increased that unscrupulous merchants are also ready to move.

Some products say "contains 75% alcohol". Be careful when you see the word "contains", because there is a trick here! For cost considerations, some manufacturers do not use real 75% alcohol, but diluted alcohol, and the concentration is far less than 75%. Experts pointed out that alcohol wipes with an alcohol content of less than 75% are just wipes disinfected with alcohol. Don't be cheated by unscrupulous merchants! Only when the alcohol content reaches 75% can it be a real 75% alcohol wipe.

In addition, I have also studied several methods on how to distinguish the authenticity of 75% alcohol, and I would like to share them with you here:

The first method is to smell it. The wet wipes with high alcohol content have a particularly strong smell that hits your nose. When I smelled it for the first time, I was caught off guard and didn't know how strong the smell was. As a result, I took a deep breath and felt dizzy for half an hour. It was like testing my life. When you smell it, you must take a small breath.

The second method is to twist it. After taking out the wet wipes, twist it hard. If nothing comes out, it proves that the alcohol content is too little, not moist enough, and cannot be wiped clean; if the moisture content is too high, it will drip down; if it is 75% alcohol, it will only flow down your hands.

The third method is to dry it. Put the 75% alcohol wet wipes on the windowsill to dry, then touch and smell it for a few minutes. At 7 minutes, the smell of alcohol is still strong. At 9 minutes, the smell of alcohol is not too strong. At 11 minutes and 30 seconds, the wet wipes are only slightly wet. At 13 minutes, it feels like dry cotton.

The fourth method is to burn it. 75% alcohol wipes will burn easily, and the flame is very large. If the alcohol content is low, the flame will not be so large. However, the non-woven fabric did not light up. After the alcohol is burned, you can touch it directly with your hands. The non-woven fabric is as dry and soft as cotton. Then, light the non-woven fabric again, and it will light up easily, proving that most of the water has evaporated.

This proves that after the alcohol evaporates, the water evaporates quickly, and the water content is not high; if the alcohol smell is gone, but the wipes are still wet, then it is "too watery"!

After these four steps, you can basically judge whether a 75% alcohol wipe is good or bad.