For families with children, paper towels and wet wipes are relatively expensive daily necessities. In daily care, baby wipes are often used. There are many classifications of baby wipes. What is the difference? How should mothers choose baby wipes?

What are the Functions of Baby Wipes?

Wipes play a relatively large role in general cleaning.

Especially when taking the baby out, it is convenient to carry. It can be used to wipe the ass when the baby is pooping and peeing, the hands are dirty, the toys are dirty, the toys are dirty, the tableware is dirty, and the tableware is dirty. It can be thrown away directly after use, which is much easier than washing with water or wiping with paper towels.

How to Choose Baby Wipes?

To choose the right baby wipes, mothers first see the function and positioning, choose the right wipes according to the baby's use scene; secondly, learn the effective selection method of wet wipes.

There are two categories of wet wipes:

The first category itself has been disinfected, but other items cannot be disinfected. It contains skincare ingredients and can only be used for skin moisturizing;

The other type is disinfection wipes that are not only disinfect themselves but also disinfect other items. They can be used to disinfect or sterilize skin abrasions and scratches. This type of wet wipe usually contains disinfectant ingredients such as alcohol and benzalkonium chloride.

Baby wipes are wipes specially designed for babies. Different from ordinary wipes, they are milder in material and composition and have a softer texture. Generally, thin cotton or non-woven fabrics are used. The friction of the skin is small.

However, there are also differences in the weaving of different non-woven fabrics, such as pearl and plain weaves.

The texture of the pearl pattern is tight, not easy to deform, feels better in use, and is thicker.

In terms of ingredients, the current wet wipes solution is mainly water and nutrient solution.

Water is divided into pure water, RO pure water, and EDI pure water. The purity level of EDI pure water is higher, which meets the requirements of pharmacopeia.

differences of baby wipes

According to the different parts of use, baby wipes are divided into ordinary wipes and baby hand and mouth wipes. Mothers should choose according to the baby's needs.

Tips: if moms don’t want to buy a variety of wet wipes, they usually only buy hand wipes to meet their needs.

There are many types of wet wipes on the market now, how about moisturizing hand wipes? How to choose wet wipes?

Choose wet wipes for your baby, first look at the ingredients and packaging, avoid adding products with unsafe ingredients; there must be detailed production capital on the packaging;

☆ Smell the smell and avoid choosing products with pungent smell;

☆ Pay attention to the user experience, the wet wipes with large paper, wear-resistant and tear-resistant are more convenient to use;

☆ The material should be gentle to avoid harming the baby's delicate skin.

YEESAIN baby hand and mouth wipes, using 99% pure EDI ultra-pure water, mild and 0 irritation, it is safe to wipe your mouth and hands. The wet wipes are thickened and durable, and can be used by babies, adults, and the whole family!

Tips: Wet wipes cannot replace normal hand washing. The best cleaning method is to use running water to clean your baby. Wash your baby's face and ass at home, clean and hygienic. If you can’t use water when you’re out, you can save a lot of worry by cleaning with wet wipes.