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Adult Diaper

Adult Diaper


Compared with adult diaper pants, adult diapers are cheaper than it. In addition, our 3D leak prevention channel can better protect you.


Product NameAdult Diapers
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
FunctionsThe Super-soft Non-woven Surface is More Gentle to the Skin.
Leak Guard & Leg Cuff Can Avoid Side Leakage.
SizeDimension/mmWeightg/pcsSAP/gCotton Core Size/mm

Adult Diaper

Adult hypoallergenic adult diapers are disposable paper incontinence products, which are one of adult care products. It is mainly a kind of disposable urine pants for incontinence adults. Most hypoallergenic adult diapers are sheet-like when they are purchased, and they are shorts when they are worn. And it’s a pair of shorts made of glue. At the same time, the adhesive film can adjust the waist size of trousers, so as to fit different fat and thin bodies. Next, we are going to talk about something about Deyou adult disposable diapers.

How to Choose High-Quality Adult Disposable Diapers?

  1. Absorptive capacity. The flow rate of urine is very fast, which requires the diapers to have super absorption capacity to prevent urine leakage.
  2. Diaper material. The skin of the incontinence elderly is very fragile. The surface material of diapers must be soft.
  3. Close-fitting and leak proof. Diapers must be comfortable and close-fitting. No matter the old people walk or turn over, side leakage and back leakage cannot occur.

What Are the Characteristics of Deyou Adult Incontinence Diapers?

  1. It’s as easy to wear and take off like real underwear, and it’s very comfortable.
  2. The special funnel-shaped super instantaneous absorption system can absorb wet urine for 4-5 hours, and the surface layer is still dry.
  3. 360 degree elastic and breathable waistline makes diapers comfortable and unrestricted.
  4. The absorption layer contains odor inhibiting factors, which can inhibit awkward odor.
  5. Soft and delicate nonwoven top sheet with fine ventilative property prevents backflow and keeps you dry and comfortable.

Precautions for Using Adult Diapers

Although it is not difficult to use adult disposable diapers, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when using them.

  1. If the diaper is dirty, it should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it is not only unhygienic but also bad for the body to wear the wet diaper all the time.
  2. After the diapers are used up, the used diapers should be wrapped and put into the garbage can. Do not flush them in the toilet. After all, the diapers are different from toilet paper and will not dissolve.
  3. Do not use sanitary napkins instead of adult diapers. Although the usage of diapers is very similar to that of sanitary napkins, they should never be replaced by sanitary napkins. Because the design of sanitary napkin is different from that of adult diapers, which has a unique water absorption system.
  4. You should know your own situation, and prepare enough diapers when you go out, so as not to be overwhelmed when you need to use them.

Additional information

Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Product NameAdult Diaper
Age GroupAdult
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
AbsorptionSoft Breathable
Sheet SizeM, L or Customized
ApplicationBedridden, Act Inconvenient, Incontinence, ect.

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