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Adult Pad

Adult Pads


Adult insert pads can save you time to change your diapers and are cheaper than adult diapers. It is suitable for people with mild incontinence.


Product NameAdult Insert Pad
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
SizeM, L, Xl, XXL
FunctionsThe Super-soft Non-woven Surface is More Gentle to the Skin.
Leak Guard & Leg Cuff Can Avoid Side Leakage.

Adult Pads

What incontinence products do incontinence people need besides adult diapers and adult incontinence pads? To be honest, diapers cost a lot to incontinent people because they need to be replaced every 2-3 hours. For people with mild incontinence, we recommend that you use an adult pad.

What are Adult Pads?

Adult pads are also known as diaper pads for adult. Many people are familiar with adult diapers, but they don’t know about adult diaper pads. Adult pads are designed for bedridden, post-operative, or postnatal care. It is not recommended for patients with severe urinary incontinence. Because you need to change it often, it’s not convenient for people with mobility problems. But it’s convenient and economical for people with mild incontinence. It’s used with adult diapers or underwear. And it can extend the service life of diapers. When you need to change diapers, you just need to change adult diaper pads.


  • Extra protection: Yeesian’s diaper pads for adults can easily absorb extra fluid when you are asleep. The polymer in the diaper pads for adults is a good way to lock in moisture and prevent leakage.
  • Fast absorption: our diaper booster pads for adults are uniform in thickness. Yeesian’s adult pee pads contain polymers with strong water absorption, which can handle a large number of leaked urine. This helps keep the skin clean.
  • Reduce odor: powerful overnight absorption and locking technology help reduce odors.
  • Soft and comfortable: in addition to removing moisture from the skin, the smooth outer layer of adult pee pads make it comfortable even on the most vulnerable skin.
  • Comfort and safety: carefully designed adhesive tape can firmly fix urine pads on any size of the diaper.

Usage method:

  • Put the adult urine pad in the bottom of the diaper, and then unfold the urine pad.
  • After putting the adult pee pads in a proper position, tear the sticker on the insert pads and fix it on the diaper.
  • Pull the diaper handle over the navel to make the adult diaper booster pads fit better. 

Additional information

Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Product NameAdult Pad
Age GroupAdult
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
AbsorptionSoft Breathable
Sheet SizeM, L, XL ,XXL, or Customized
ApplicationBedridden, Act Inconvenient, Incontinence, ect.

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