Adult Pull Up Incontinence pants

Adult diaper pants can be put on and off easily. It’s suitable for incontinence people, and there are many sizes for you to choose from. 



Product NameAdult Diapers Pants
MaterialNon-woven Top Sheet,Absorbent Core,Leak Guard ,PE Back Sheet
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
SizeLength*WidthWeight/gSAP/gSaline Absorbency/ml

Adult Nappy Pants

Adult pull up diaper is the pull up diaper designed for adults. It is suitable for the elderly who are ill in bed for a long time and have difficulty in defecating. It is also suitable for women who have just given birth and have more blood and water. It is also applicable to the patients who need to be bedridden or have difficulty in movement/incontinence, paralysis and semi paralysis / have difficulty in movement just after the operation.

The Difference Between Adult Diaper Pants and Adult Diaper

Adult diapers are more suitable for the use of bedridden patients. For bedridden patients, their actions are not convenient, so they have low flexibility requirements for diapers. Their requirements for diapers are more water absorption, dryness, safety, and health. It is better for bedridden patients to use adult diapers. Adult nappy pants are more suitable for people who can move. For people who can move autonomously, adult incontinence diaper pants are very convenient. Patients can exercise on their own by wearing adult incontinence diaper pants during the day. For adult pull up pants, the shape is the same as the size of underwear, which can’t be seen after wearing. It has good water absorption, three-dimensional protection without side leakage, which is very conducive to the use of patients with mild incontinence.

Use of Adult Diapers

  1. Let the patient lie on the side, spread out the adult pull up diapers, and open the left or right half far away from the patient with the back film upward.
  2. Turn the patient to the side and open the other side.
  3. When the patient lies on the back, pull the front piece to the abdomen, stick the tape on the alignment line, align the left and right sides, and then flatten the elastic frill outwards.

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    Additional information

    Brand Name

    Yeesain or OEM/ODM

    Product Name

    Adult Diaper Pants

    Age Group



    3D Leak Prevention Channel


    Bedridden, Act Inconvenient,Postpartum Care, Incontinence, etc


    White or Customized

    Diaper Type


    Side Tape

    Magic Tape or PP Tape


    Soft Breathable


    10pcs/bag or Customized


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