Baby Diaper

Baby Diapers


Yeesain baby diapers are made from 100% hot air non-woven fabric, high-quality SAP and import USA wood pulp. That can make your baby feel comfortable.


Product NameBaby Diapers
Material100% Biodegradable Hot Air Non-woven Fabric
High-quality Sap, Import Usa Wood Pulp
Absorbency Core
Breathable Backsheet
Big Pearl Hot Air Nonwoven Top Sheet
Strong Magic Tape
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
TopsheetEmbossed or Not Embossed; Soft Topsheet and Normal Topsheet;
Perforated Topsheet or Not Perforated Topsheet
BacksheetNon-woven Cloth-Like Breathable Backsheet; or PE Breathable Backsheet
ADLWith or Without ADL is Depend on You. Available Color For ADL: White, Blue, Green
Front tapeSoft-fluff Frontal Tape; Weave Frontal Tape; Non-woven Frontal Tape; PE Front Tape
Side tapeMagic Tape, PP Tape
SizeDimension/mmWeightg/pcsSAP/gCotton Core Size/mm

Baby Diapers

You can find many kinds of diapers on the market, such as baby diapers, baby pulls up diapers, adult diapers, and adult diaper pants. Today we are going to talk about disposable diapers. Just as its name implies, baby disposable diapers are diapers designed for babies. If you are looking for high-quality baby disposable nappies, then you come to the right place.

How to Choose the Size of Baby Disposable Diapers?

To be honest, if you are looking for baby diapers for your baby, you had better know the size of baby disposable nappies. Next, we will tell you how to choose a suitable diaper for your baby.

  1. If your baby is a newborn baby, you should choose size S disposable nappies. And the weight of your baby should between 0-6kg. If your baby is above this weight range, you should choose a larger diaper.
  2. If the weight of your baby is between 5-10kg. Then you should choose size M baby disposable diapers. Because the baby of this weight needs more comfortable protection
  3. If your baby’s weight is between 8-13kg, you should choose a size L diaper for your baby.
  4. For babies over 12 kg, size XL baby diapers should be used.

How to Use Baby Nappies?

  1. Spread out the diapers and place the clasped end at the back of the baby.
  2. Put the unfolded diapers under the baby’s little butt. What you should pay attention to is that the back should be slightly higher than the abdomen to prevent urine leakage from the back.
  3. Pull the diaper between the baby’s legs up to the belly button. Then align the buckles on the left and right sides with the waistline position, and attach them symmetrically. Take care not to paste it too tightly, as a rule, to be able to put in a finger.
  4. Adjust the frill of the waist and legs to prevent the frill from blocking the baby’s soft skin and damaging the skin. At the same time, pull out the leakage proof edge of the leg to prevent side leakage.


It should be noted that the size of baby disposable nappies may be different for the same weight baby due to different body shapes. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers choose the small package for trial use, and pay attention to whether the baby needs to change the new model of diapers. Do not buy too many diapers at a time, so as to avoid waste.

Additional information

Product NameComposite Baby Diapers
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
Side TapeMagic Tape or PP Tape
PackageAttractive Package

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