baby pull up diaper

Baby Pull Up Diaper

Baby Training Diaper Pants


Yeesain baby’s pull up diapers are not only more comfortable than other diapers, but also more absorbent. You can use it at night.


Product Name:Baby Diaper Pants
Packaging:S:26pcs/bag, M:24pcs/bag, L:22pcs/bag, XL:20pcs/bag
Anti-Leak:3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper Type:Disposable
Features:Absorbency Core Used Fluff Pulp Imported From USA Mix Japan SAP
Printed Cloth-like Breathable Backsheet
Leak Guard &Leg Cuff
Snug Elastic Waist
SizeWaistline/mmWeightg/pcsSAP/gCotton Core Size/mm

Baby Training Diaper Pants

Baby pull up pants, also known as training pants, are mainly used to train children to crawl or walk. As the baby grows up, it becomes very troublesome to put on the diapers for the baby, because the older baby is lively and active. In order to make it easy for mothers to change diapers for their babies, we have baby pull up nappies to help you.

The Difference Between Pull Up Training Pants and Baby Diapers

There’s a big difference between cheerleaders and diapers. Although diapers and pull pants are the same in terms of dryness, softness, and breathability. But the pull pants use a full range of elastic waistline and leg circumference, just like panties. This feature not only makes pulling pants more convenient to wear and take off but also makes the baby more comfortable. But ordinary diapers are not only troublesome to wear and take off but also unsuitable diapers will seriously affect the baby’s activities. Too small diapers are also likely to wear through the inner thigh skin. So, even though they are dry and soft, but baby diaper pants are easy to wear and take off like underpants, which are more suitable for active babies, and can make babies move freely.

What Are the Features of Deyo Pull Up Nappies?

  1. Our absorbency core used fluff pulp imported from USA mix Japan SAP.
  2. Printed cloth-like breathable back sheet.
  3. Leak Guard &Leg cuff.
  4. Snug elastic waistband.

How often do you change your pull up training pants?

Generally speaking, it needs to be replaced every 2-3 hours. But for babies with very sensitive skin, it may need to be replaced within 1-3 hours. The wetness indicator changes the color of the wet part of the diaper, which lets the mother know when to change the diaper. If you have any problem, please contact us as soon as possible.

Additional information

Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Product NameBaby Traning Pants
Age GroupBabies
Anti-Leak3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper TypeDisposable
ColorWhite or Customized
FeaturePlain Woven
Sheet SizeM, L, XL ,XXL, or Customized
Package26pcs, 24pcs, 22pcs, 20pcs

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