baby underpad

Baby Underpad

Baby Disposable Underpad


Baby underpads are made of soft breathable non-woven fabric, diamond embossed fluid guider, tissue paper, super absorbent and waterproof pe film. Soft and confortable.


Product NameBaby Disposable Underpad
Material1st Layer: Non Woven or Dry Mesh Cover
2nd Layer: Tissue Paper
3rd Layer: Fluff Pulp Mix Super Absorbent Polymer( SAP or GEL )
4th Layer :Tissue Paper
5th Layer: PE Film (Can Add Release Paper at The Corner)
Size25*33cm,33*45cm, 60*45cm, 60*60cm,60*90cm or Customized
ColorBlue,Red, Green,White
FeatureDisposable, Super Absorbent, Eco-friendly, Comfortable
Core Size (cm)Unit Weight/SAP
PackagingSuitable For
S33*25cm28*20cm17g/3g80pcs/bag0~3 Months Baby
M33*45cm28*39cm29g/6g46pcs/bag3-6 Months Baby
L60*45cm59*39cm46g/6g30pcs/bagMore Than 6 Months Baby
XL60*60cm59*53cm50/3g20pcs/bagCommonly Used
XXL60*90cm59*83cm75/5g12pcs/bagCommonly Used

Baby Disposable Underpad

The baby underpad is not a diaper. Its main function is to isolate urine, so as to ensure that the mattress or mattress below is not soaked in urine. If the baby underpad is wet, it is better to replace it immediately to ensure that the baby’s buttocks are dry.

The Material of the Baby Under Pads

The baby leak proof bed pads are made of various materials, most of which are water-absorbing and soft on the front and waterproof on the back. But good baby proof bed pad is designed with 5 layers. That is non-woven, tissue paper, fluff pulp mixed super absorbent polymer, tissue paper, PE film. This kind of baby absorbent bed pad has the characteristics of water absorption, water resistance, air permeability, and comfort. Deyou’s baby absorbent bed pad is made of these materials.

How to Use Baby Leak Proof Bed Pads?

It is suggested that you can directly lay the baby leak proof bed pad under your baby and add a comfortable list on it when it is cold. After the baby pees, the diapers can be removed directly. If the leak-proof bed pad is also wet with urine, you should put the baby underpad in the garbage can. Because Deyou absorbent bed pads are disposable sanitary products, they cannot be reused. In addition, Deyou underpads can prevent a baby’s skin from being stimulated by urine, and it is soft even if it is wet by urine.

OEM/ODM Services

As a professional hygiene products manufacturer, we can provide various customized services. For example, we can design a special logo according to your own requirements. And we can also design the different packing bags for you. Besides that, there are many sizes for you to choose from, such as  25*33cm,33*45cm, 60*45cm, 60*60cm, and 60*90cm. Of course, we can also customize the size for you.

Additional information

Brand NameYeesain or OEM/ODM
Product NameBaby Underpad
Age GroupBabies
Anti-LeakAliform Shape
ApplicationNewborn Baby Infant Care
AbsorptionSoft Breathable
Layer5 Layers

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