Incontinence Underpad

Medical Absorbent Pads


Disposable medical underpads are cleaner and healthier than washable medical underpads. At the same time, it has strong water absorption.


Product Name:Medical absorbent pads
Material:1st Layer: Non-woven or Dry Mesh Cover
2nd Layer: Tissue Paper
3rd Layer: Fluff Pulp Mix Super Absorbent Polymer( Sap or Gel )
4th Layer: Tissue Paper
5th Layer: Pe Film (Can Add Release Paper at The Corner)
Size:17" x24"(43X60cm), 23" x24"(60X60cm), 23" X36" (60X90cm), 30" X30"(75X75cm), 30" X36" (75X90cm)
Color:Blue,Red, Green,White
Feature:Disposable, Super Absorbent, Eco-friendly, Comfortable
Core Size (cm)Unit Weight/SAP
PackagingSuitable For
M60*60cm59*53cm50/3g20pcs/bagCommonly used
L60*90cm59*83cm75/5g12pcs/bagCommonly used
XL60*150cm19*118cm120/3g10pcs/bagCommonly used

Medical Absorbent Pads

Hospital incontinence pads are specially provided for patients. It can prevent urine leakage to the mattress, making the patient more comfortable. In our company, we have many effective medical underpads. Because of that, there are many hospitals that purchase the hospital incontinence pads from us. Do you want to buy medical underpads? You can know a lot of information from this description.

How to Choose a High-Quality Hospital Underpads?

  1. Water absorption. If you want to buy hospital underpads, water absorption is the most important factor. Only the hospital underpads with good water absorption can make the patients feel comfortable. Deyou’s hospital pee pads contain fluff pulp mix super absorbent polymer, that can make urine absorbed quickly.
  2. The material. If you want to get effective hospital pee pads, the pee pad material should be safe. The material of our medical bed pads is non-woven, tissue paper, fluff pulp mix super absorbent polymer, and PE film. So, you can use it at ease
  3. The brand of hospital underpads. When you choose medical bed pads, you had better choose a reliable brand. Deyou has more than ten years of experience in the production of medical bed pads. You can safely choose us.

Suitable Crowd:

  1. Aged. Old people can use it in bed when they are incontinent.
  2. Babies. To prevent diapers from leaking, mothers can use diapers in their beds.
  3. Postoperative personnel. After the operation, the patient may have incontinence. Hospital Incontinence pads can help them.
  4. Menstrual women. It can prevent the leakage of menstrual blood.


  1. Our medical incontinence pads are disposable sanitary products and cannot be cleaned.
  2. Please roll it up and throw it into the garbage can after use.
  3. If the hospital pee pad is damaged, please stop using it.

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