Incontinence Underpad

Incontinence Underpad

Urinary incontinence pad is a kind of small, impermeable multilayer board with high absorption. In the urinary incontinence and health care industry, it is used to prevent urinary incontinence. Super absorbent incontinence pads are usually placed under underwear or under a bed or chair. And super absorbent incontinence pads are manufactured in light and heavy grades which offer a range of absorbencies. This is often referred to as “working capacity”, which is actually the real water absorption provided by the super absorbent underpads when used. They are usually constructed in layers of quilted absorbent fabric and alternating liquid-impermeable plastic or polyurethane. Products containing polyurethane are generally considered better as they provide a waterproof backing, whilst still allowing air to circulate reducing the risk of rashes and sores.

Application Method:

Take out the incontinence pads and unfold it so that the user can lie on his side. Next, unfold the nursing pad, align it with the waist and buttocks, and then help the user turn to the other side. Then carefully pull out and open the other side of the pad. It should be noted that the soft non-woven fabric faces up during use.

After using the incontinence pads, we suggest folding and wrapping the bottom film to the non-woven cloth surface and then putting it in the garbage bag. If there is defecation on the nursing pad, please remove the excrement in the toilet first and then put the nursing pad into the garbage bag for treatment.


  • Yeesain best incontinence pads are disposable, please do not reuse it.
  • Pay attention to regularly replace the super absorbent underpads. It is recommended to replace it every 2-3 hours.
  • Wash buttocks with a towel or warm water and keep the skin dry before changing the urinal pad or after excretion for patients in bed.
  • Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
  • Please keep out of children’s reach.
  • Please use it as soon as possible after opening it, and remember to press the seal after taking it out to avoid the pollution of bacteria and dust.

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