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Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

As a person with a dog at home, are you worried about the cleanliness of the dog? Especially when you take the dog out, the dog’s paws and hair will be stained with dust. Maybe you have baby wipes and general wipes around you that you want to use it to clean your dog. If you want to know whether you can use baby wipes for dogs, and if regular baby wipes are safe for dogs, please read on.

Can you clean your dog with baby wipes

Can you clean your dog with baby wipes

What’s the difference between baby wipes and dog wipes?

To be honest, pet wipes are more expensive than ordinary baby wipes. The reason is that they’re designed specifically for dogs and cats. First of all, the pH values of dogs and infants are quite different, some elements in baby wipes may cause skin allergy. We all know that dogs often lick themselves, so dogs are likely to swallow unsafe ingredients into their bodies, which proves that baby wipes are not safe for dogs. But the wet tissue for dogs does not include chemicals, spices and parabens. In addition, the wet tissue for dogs is bigger and stronger.

What baby wet tissue composition are not safe for dogs?

Many Baby wet tissue composition contains chemicals called propylene glycol, even in the best natural baby wipes. According to research, propylene glycol is toxic to dogs. In addition, both cats and dogs can be poisoned by ingesting large amounts of propylene glycol. We also know that dogs and cats often lick their hair, so you’d better not use baby wipes for your dogs.

Use the right wipes to clean your dog

Use the right wipes to clean your dog

Yeesain top pet wipes for sale

As a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in producing wipes, yeesain has pet wipes specially designed for dogs and cats. This kind of wipes can easily clean the dirt and dust on the pet. If you like, we can also add some harmless fragrances on it to make your pet smell sweet. Not only that, we can also provide OEM and ODM customized services to meet your needs. Therefore, if you need our wet tissues for dogs, please contact us as soon as possible.

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