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What Are Baby Wipes for?

There are many benefits of baby wipes. When the child’s mouth or hands have some dirty things, you can use the baby wipes to wipe directly at this time, and it will be more convenient to use. Some, but when choosing, you still need to choose a safer baby wipes. Then, what else can baby […]

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How to Buy Wet Wipes Suitable for Babies

The consumption of baby wipes is very large, second only to diapers. Moms who like to be clean and convenient may consume 8-10 packs of 80 wet wipes in the first month of the birth of a new baby, and consume 40. 50 packs are normal. What problems should be paid attention to when buy wet […]

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Experts Teach You How to Choose Baby Wipes

The birth of a baby carries the hope of a family. In order for a seedling to grow healthily and comprehensively into a towering tree, a safe environment is needed. For the health and safety of their children, many parents will not hesitate to spend. As far as the baby’s ass is concerned, professional baby […]

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Two Types of Baby Wipes with Different Usage

When choosing disposable wipes, most people will buy those big-brand wet wipes with “anti-sensitivity” or “contains aloe” on the label. But in fact, such wet wipes may still be full of chemicals. We don’t want to have allergies or even rashes when we wipe the baby’s skin with wet wipes. In many cases, even these […]

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How to choose excellent baby wet wipes?

Everyone who has become a mother knows that baby wipes are very useful. The baby’s skin is delicate and tender, it will be sensitive to redness and even inflammation if you don’t pay attention. Therefore, choosing an excellent baby wipe is necessary for parents. So how to confirm whether the baby wipes are “up to standard”? […]

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Something you should know about quality baby wipes

Baby wipes are wipes specially designed for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have higher requirements because baby skin is very delicate and prone to allergies. The quality of baby wipes on the market is different, there are good baby wipes and bad baby wipes, so when new parents buy baby wipes, they should have […]

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Why is a baby`s skin so sensitive?

Common baby skin problems You need to be on high alert for anything unusual in your child. But when will you know to go to the doctor, and when will you be able to take matters into your own hands? Let’s take a look at some common skin conditions and what your wipes might do for you: […]

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Why Biodegradable Baby Wipes Are So popular

Biodegradable baby wipes vs traditional baby wipes Want to know the difference between traditional and biodegradable baby wipes? You may not notice these differences, but the environment does. If you use a cloth diaper or a biodegradable disposable diaper, the earth will thank you for using biodegradable baby wipes. Traditional baby wipes are mostly made of polyester or […]

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Are baby wipes better than feminine wipes?

Easy to put in your gym bag or purse, feminine wipes can help you get clean before you shower after a day of exercise. Many users also suggest using female wipes to help clean up spills of menstrual products such as menstrual underwear and tampons. The materials used are to prevent viruses. Some people rely […]

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What is the difference between pet wipes and baby wipes

Pet wipes are essential “baby wipes” for those with fur, not human babies. But it may lead some to ask: Are pet wipes the same thing as baby wipes? Also, what are the advantages of pet wipes over baby wipes? If they do the same work, are they essentially interchangeable? Well, yes and no. In […]