Baby diapers are indispensable for families whose babies are less than one year old, and the amount of diapers used is also very large. Many mothers look for diaper coupons online to buy cheap diapers. In addition to the price, what should a mother pay attention to when choosing diapers for the baby?

The size of the baby diaper

When choosing nappies online for babies, the size of diapers is the first factor to consider. As we all know, the baby's skin is delicate. If you choose a diaper that is too small, the diaper will rub against the baby's skin and make the baby feel uncomfortable. If you choose too large diapers will lead to urine leakage, and diapers will do not play their due role. In Yeesain, we have various sizes of diapers for babies of different ages.

Various baby nappies for sale

Various baby nappies for sale

Nighttime pull up diapers for boys and girls

When choosing diapers online for babies, mothers should choose diapers not only for daily use but also for night use. At night, we can't change diapers for our baby on time. The nighttime diapers have a strong water absorption capacity, so we can save the trouble of changing diapers for the baby at night. Secondly, it is easy for the baby to turn over when sleeping at night. We suggest that you should choose night time pull up diaper for your baby at night. Compared with diapers, night time pull up diapers can better prevent urine leakage. It is like small underwear, even if the baby turns over at night, it won't fall down. In yeesain health technology, we have night time pull up diapers for boys and girls.

Buy in bulk or in a single package

If you buy diapers online, we suggest that you can buy diapers in bulk. On the one hand, it's cheaper to buy diapers in bulk. The unit price of a pack of diapers is definitely higher than that of a box. And you don't have to look for diaper coupons. On the other hand, it's convenient to buy diapers in bulk, and it saves you time.

Mom are choosing baby diaper for her baby

Mom is choosing baby diaper for her baby

Diaper disposal

The last thing is the problem of diaper disposal. Baby diaper is a disposable sanitary product, can not be reused. After use should be thrown into the garbage can in time, do not throw into the toilet.