That cute puppy you just brought home will melt your heart until she starts messing up your floor. It takes a lot of patience to train a puppy to go potty, but you don't have to accept that your floor will be ruined forever. Puppy pads help with training, keeping clutter away from your hardwood and tiles. These floor MATS are also useful for owners of older dogs suffering from urinary incontinence. If you have a puppy and you live on the top floor of an apartment building, it may be difficult to get out in time to put your dog at his convenience. You can use a pet mat instead of an outdoor activity. Would you bring your dog into a pet-friendly office environment? Bring a pet mat just in case. Your colleagues will thank you. Puppy Mats are also great for traveling with your pet, or when you're away from home and can't walk your dog during the day. If you have a puppy who gets restless going out in the winter, use a mat when it's too cold and snowy.

Features of Disposable Puppy Pads

Leak-proof design

Of course, you might think that all dog MATS are leakproof, but some are less prone to leakage.

Thicker gaskets usually provide better protection against leakage. To completely eliminate the possibility of leakage, look for gaskets with gasket boundaries. Products without leak-proof boundaries may allow liquids to spill over from the side, especially if the pet trades in the corners of the mat or near the edge.

best disposable pet pad
best pet pad for your puppy

Odor control

This is a key feature to consider, especially if you plan to use these types of pads regularly. If you are training a litter of puppies, you may not mind dealing with the smell temporarily, but if you are going to use it for the long term, smell control is essential. Carbon is a material often used in puppy pads to help neutralize pungent odors.


To avoid having urine footprints all over your hallway, choose a quick-drying and highly absorbent puppy pad. If the pads are slow to absorb fluid, your dog is likely to step on his own urine and leave dirty paw prints.

Slip-proof backing

Prevent slipping and sliding by choosing a puppy pad with a sticky back pad so the training pad stays in place. This will help prevent accidental leaks, and your dog will be less likely to decide that the mat is a toy if it's fixed and stuck in place.

Advantages of puppy disposable underpad

  • Older and disabled pets have an easy-access place to do exercise
  • Pet pads offer floor protection and are very easy to clean up
  • Puppy pads provide a safe place for your pet to urinate
  • Pads are a great tool for training puppies not to urinate around the house, and eventually for home training.
  • Use a pet mat to prevent smells from permeating your home.