It’s really embarrassed when you go outside and get wet in chest clothes. At this time, new mothers need cotton pads for breast feeding to help. Faced with a wide range of cotton pads for breast feeding, the materials and workmanship are different. How to choose the best breast pads  for yourself? Which breast pad is of good quality? Which one is better, disposable or washable breast pads?

What is an Cotton Pad for Breast Feeding Pad

For breastfeeding mothers, nipple leakage is one of the problems that bother them, and the cotton pads for breast feeding pad is a personal product designed to solve this problem. cotton pads for breast feeding are generally made of materials with strong absorption. After use, the exuded milk can be quickly absorbed in the first time and can effectively keep the inner side of the bra fresh. Therefore, it is welcomed by many breastfeeding mothers.

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Types of Cotton Pads for Breast Feeding 

· Classified by texture:

1. 100% cotton texture

Advantages: strong breathability, good absorption effect, very skin-friendly.

Note: It is best to clean and dry in time after replacement to prevent bacteria from breeding.

2. Polyester texture

Advantages: It is not suitable to produce stubborn stains, it is easy to clean, and the price is cheap.

Note: The breathability of polyester material is not good, and long-term close-fitting may cause skin discomfort around the breast.

3. Brushed cotton texture

Advantages: trendy, soft, and retains the characteristics of good absorption and skin-friendliness of pure cotton material.

Note: The price is poorer. Pay attention to the phenomenon of fluff shedding when using it, and it is not suitable for use in overheated weather.

4. Non-woven fabric texture

Advantages: good moisture-proof and breathable effect, and light and close-fitting.

Note: You must change and wash frequently.

5. Polymer texture with excellent absorption

Advantages: Lightweight and close-fitting, easy to carry, good ventilation effect, can quickly absorb excess milk spilled, and ensure that the bra is always dry.

Note: The price is relatively high.

cotton pads for breast feeding

· According to cleaning method:

1. Washable type

Advantages: environmentally friendly and economical, can be used repeatedly, generally speaking, the texture has the characteristics of skin-friendly and breathable.

Disadvantages: need to be washed by hand, troublesome to use, some stains may not be completely cleaned, repeated use or cause hygiene problems.

2. Disposable

Advantages: light and convenient, no hand washing.

Disadvantages: The long-term use cost is high, and the allergic materials are often present, or it can cause skin problems in the breast area.