Many parents have reported that the nappy used for their babies can be torn apart and you can see a few crystal particles. What kind of substance is this? Will it affect the baby’s skin?

Answer questions for everyone today: what is this white crystal?

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What Exactly Is the White Crystal?

Diapers are usually composed of our common surface non-woven fabric, middle absorbent body, and bottom leak-proof PE film.

The white crystals that everyone wonders, called SAP, are hidden in the absorbent layer of diapers.

What Is the Function of This SAP?

Diapers can absorb water, of course, they cannot do without the effect of polymer water-absorbing resin!

The polymer has a fast water absorption rate and can instantly absorb urine; it can absorb fluid hundreds of times more than its own weight; it is not easy to squeeze out after absorbing.

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Is SAP Harmful?

Of course not! This polymer is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. It is a degradable organic substance and will not harm the skin.

Moreover, this kind of water-absorbing molecules can quickly lock the urine, and will not reverse osmosis after inhalation, and better protect the baby’s sensitive skin! Therefore, diapers with SAP are best baby diapers for sensitive skin.

Unexpectedly, a small diaper can still have such “learning”

Therefore, when choosing a diaper, in addition to its skin-friendly nature, parents also need to consider the internal performance of the diaper and choose the best absorbent nappies. The high-quality polymer absorbent resin in the diaper can continuously absorb urine without leaking so that the baby can enjoy a comfortable sleep all night!

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