If there is a baby in the family, mothers have to get used to preparing some diapers of the right size for the baby every month, and the size of this diaper must also be selected according to the baby's weight and body structure. But sometimes the diapers we choose may not be so suitable, so it may cause the side leakage problem of the diapers. The side leakage of diapers is generally related to the way of wearing, size, baby's activity, and urine saturation. So how should we deal with the side leakage of diapers? Let's take a look together below.

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Reasons for Side Leakage of Organic Baby Nappies

  1. Improper way of wearing diapers. It seems simple to wear diapers, but if you don't wear them properly, it will easily cause urine leakage. There are a few things you need to pay special attention to in terms of wearing:
  • Before putting on the diaper, hold the two ends of the diaper, stretch it three or four times, and then hold the elastic waist end and stretch it a few times to make the diaper shrink well.
  • There are three-dimensional anti-leakage edges on both sides. You must scrape both sides with your hands before putting them on the baby to avoid sticking to the surface layer and reduce the chance of urine leakage. This step is really important.
  • Try to make your baby lie flat when wearing, pay attention to the symmetrical Velcro on both sides, symmetrical front and back, diapers should be worn right, close to the body, not too loose or too tight.
  • After putting it on, stroke the folds at the base of the baby's thighs, pull out the frills, and then check and tidy up the symmetry of the diaper.

2. Inappropriate size. Inappropriate size of diapers can also cause urine leakage.

3. Saturated diapers The baby's urine output is relatively large, or the diapers are worn for a long time, resulting in saturated diapers. At this time, the absorption of re-urine will be relatively poor, and urine leakage is prone to occur. In this case, it is recommended to replace the diapers in time to shorten Dress time.

4. The baby has a lot of activity, and the diaper becomes asymmetrical. Some babies, especially the big baby, have a lot of exercise. The diaper may be worn well after a while, and urine leakage is also easy to occur at this time. Parents should always pay attention to the baby's diapers. If they find that there is a deviation, it can be effectively avoided if it is corrected in time.

5. Sleeping on the baby's side at night will lead to poor diversion, excessive urine in the front, and easy to leak urine. Sleeping on the side is also not conducive to the baby's development and oppresses the heart. It is recommended to adjust the sleeping position after the baby is asleep.

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How to Deal with Side Leakage of Diapers

  1. If the side leakage of diapers is frequent, please check the size of the diapers. Although the size of diapers is provided according to the baby's weight, this standard is not generally applicable. According to the baby's weight and body structure, the size of diapers will vary. Therefore, when choosing a diaper, you need to look at 2-3 sizes. In addition, in view of the different brands of diapers, their sizes will also vary. Therefore, you have to remember to choose the diaper that is most suitable for your baby. Once you choose a suitable one for your baby, you must continue to use it and change the size of the diaper according to the actual situation.
  2. If the diaper leaks at the waist, mothers needs to consider whether the waist has been adjusted, if it is too loose, it will cause urine leakage. There are corresponding numbers on the waist circumference of the diapers, so you just need to match them when you put them on.
  3. If the moisture leakage caused by the side leakage occurs around the legs, it may be that the baby did not pull out the leak-proof side of the legs after putting on the diapers. At this time, you can solve the leakage of the legs with a stroke. Problem.
  4. If it is not a size problem, every brand of diapers will have a size. We can find that the size is basically based on the weight by checking the size description. For example, the S size is 4-8 kg for the baby, and the parent uses it. It is not recommended to consider from the age of the month, but to consider based on the weight. In addition, different brands may have different definitions of size. For example, some brands of S size are suitable for babies with 6-9 kg. Moms must check the size when purchasing.