There are many types of disinfectant wipes. In addition to alcohol disinfection wipes, there are also quaternary ammonium salt disinfection wipes. Different disinfection wipes have different scopes of application. When buying wet wipes or using wet wipes, please pay attention to the distinction.

Next, I will specifically introduce the contraindications of alcohol wipes and quaternary ammonium salt wipes.

Do not use alcohol disinfectant wipes to wipe these four places.

alcohol wipes

Leather Furniture

Whether car leather seats and home leather sofas can be disinfected with alcohol, I believe this is the doubt in many people's minds. Here, it is recommended that you should not wipe leather furniture with alcohol-containing wipes. Alcohol dehydrates soft leather, and repeated use may make leather products look dry and pale.

Lacquered Furniture

Alcohol is the solvent that dissolves the widest range of chemical components. The surface of painted furniture is also not suitable for rubbing with alcohol. Repeated use of alcohol-containing disinfectant wipes to wipe the painted furniture will make the painted tables and chairs lose their original appearance.


Alcohol cannot be used for disinfection of plexiglass material, it will cause material aging.

Mucous Membranes and Wounds

Alcohol is irritating and should not be used to disinfect mucous membranes and wounds.