woman using nursing breast pad

Nursing Breast Pad – Pros, Cons, Rights, and Wrongs

Before I had my first child, I’d seen and heard about breast pads, but I never thought I’d rush out to buy them. From an outsider’s point of view, I have nothing against them, but it’s hard to imagine fluids pouring out of your nipples until you actually start breastfeeding. That’s why I woke up […]

non woven fiber

What determines the price of wet wipes?

As the pace of life in modern society continues to accelerate and labor costs continue to increase, wet wipes have become a must-have for many families in China. With the increase in demand, wet wipes products with different functions and materials on the market are emerging one after another, and the prices of different wet […]

A dog

Why we choose bamboo pet wipes?

At present, in our daily life, we can see that many people bring a pet, whether on the street or in the park. With more and more families with pets, the safety and hygiene of pets are also affected a lot. Therefore, YEESAIN specially launched a new product – bamboo pet wipes. What is bamboo […]

EPA registration

EPA Establishment Registration is under Process

Glad to know that YEESAIN  EPA establishment registration is under process. What is EPA? EPA is the English abbreviation of U.S. Environmental  Protection  Agency.  Its main task is to protect human health and the natural environment.EPA is headquartered in Washington, with 10 local offices and dozens of laboratories. There are 18,000 employees across the United […]

YEESAIN Double 11 sales exceeded 36000000

YEESAIN Double 11 sales exceeded 36000000

The Double 11 Shopping Carnival refers to the online sales promotion day on November 11 each year. It originated from the online sales promotion held by Taobao Mall (Tmall) on November 11, 2009. At that time, the number of participating merchants and promotion efforts were limited, but The turnover far exceeded expectations, so November 11 […]

protect the environment and sustainable developmentand

What impact do wet wipes have on the environment

Wet wipes are the daily necessities of many people. They are loved by consumers because of their convenience. The wet wipes market has continued to develop rapidly in recent years. The application of wet wipes also extends from personal cleaning to household cleaning to special cleaning. The consumption of wet wipes for medical cleaning and […]

Yeesain wet wipes contract packaging

Why do we need wet wipes product packaging?

Packaging not only has the function of wrapping products but also modifies items to gain the favor of the audience. To put it simply, the first point is to explain the information, let people know what they are buying, for example, when there is a picture of the baby on the wet wipes packaging, it […]

using make-up remover

How to Choose Make-up Remover Wipes

Make-up can increase the beauty of women, and it also respects others in terms of social etiquette. Therefore, no matter what the occasion is, it is not advocating makeunder. Although heavy make-up is not required, applying light makeup is not only a basic etiquette, but also enhances self-confidence. If this happens, it is inevitable to […]

is wet tissue good for face

How to use wet wipes in our life?

There are a lot of dirty things that we come into contact with in daily life, and they will attach to our bodies inadvertently. We will also inadvertently bring them into our homes and let them spread to every corner of the home. There are too many dirty things at home, which can easily cause […]

wet tissue material

What are wet wipes made of?

With the development of society, people’s living standards continue to improve, and everyone’s requirements for the quality of daily necessities are getting higher and higher. The role of various daily necessities is becoming more and more refined. Some of the functions of the previous paper towels have been replaced by wet wipes. Instead, wet tissue […]