Make-up can increase the beauty of women, and it also respects others in terms of social etiquette. Therefore, no matter what the occasion is, it is not advocating makeunder. Although heavy make-up is not required, applying light makeup is not only a basic etiquette, but also enhances self-confidence. If this happens, it is inevitable to apply various cosmetics to the face every day. If the make-up is not completely removed, the residual cosmetics on the face will block the pores, and the serious consequences can be imagined. Thorough cleansing of the skin and thorough removal of makeup is absolutely the foundation of beauty. Although make-up removal is not complicated, this process will always be carried out at the end of the day when you have to rest. At this time, many people have no patience and energy to remove foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and stubbornness after a whole day of hard work. I wear my mascara, go to bed with residual make-up and hug my head to sleep. If things go on like this, how can my skin not be embarrassing? So even if you are tired, you must completely remove the residual make-up on your face by using make-up remover wipes or cleaning wipes, but don't wipe it indiscriminately or injure your skin. Follow the steps, especially the key make-up parts such as the eyes and lips.

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In life, we usually choose Cleansing oil, Cleansing water with discharge make-up cotton?Do you feel troublesome and complex? Especially when you go out or take the plane?

YEESAIN provides you a convenient, easy-to-use make-up remover wipes that remove make-up and dirt from the day. Wet wipes made of soft plant fiber non-woven fabric. By folding, humidification, packing into disposable cleaning products. Because it has the basic function of cleaning, moisturizing skin, and easy-to-carry, it has become an essential cleaning product in People's Daily life. Cleaning Wipes can be divided into different types according to different uses and make-up remover wipes are one of them.    

Make-up remover wipes can be used as an emergency. In situations where time is tight or conditions are limited, such as traveling, camping, going to the gym, etc., it is impossible to guarantee that you can wash your face with cleanser and water. Then makeup remover wipes are a good substitute. For people with oily skin or acne-prone skin, it is even more essential if there is no water.

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Here are 6 simple rules to follow when using makeup remover wipes:

Clean face again

After removing make-up with a cleansing wipe, it is best to rinse your face with clean water to thoroughly remove those residues that will irritate the skin.

apply moisturizer

If you have dry or mixed skin, apply moisturizer immediately after using the wipes. At the same time, the YEESAIN cleansing wipes are rich in skincare moisturizing ingredients such as aloe extract, vitamin E, and glycerin, providing a gentle and quick clean skincare experience.

Check product ingredients

Check product ingredients and beware of chemicals such as formaldehyde used as preservatives. Those wet wipes containing phenoxyethanol can be used with confidence. The main material of YEESAIN cleansing wipes is soft plant fiber spun lace non-woven fabric and EDI purified water to ensure your skin safety.

No alcohol

Do not choose wet wipes that contain alcohol.

Pay attention to the size

Choose wet wipes with a moderate size of cotton. Some wipes have a very small area, four or five sheets at a time, and the cost-effective ratio is very low.

Proper moisture

The moisture content of the wet wipes directly determines the feeling of use. Too little moisture is easy to rub on the face or cannot be removed cleanly. Too much moisture will easily flow out, dripping like a mask, and it will be uncomfortable to enter the eyes when removing eye makeup.

The above is the content related to the make-up remover wipes to share with you. Yeesain hopes that through the above content, everyone can have a better understanding of the make-up remover wipes.