There are a lot of dirty things that we come into contact with in daily life, and they will attach to our bodies inadvertently. We will also inadvertently bring them into our homes and let them spread to every corner of the home. There are too many dirty things at home, which can easily cause our physical discomfort, and frequent contact with these dirty things will make the state of the face become more and more unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the sheets, quilts, towels, and other cotton textiles that come into contact with our skin regularly. Of course, we also need to replace them regularly to ensure the basic health of the face. In addition, we naturally can't forget to clean and maintain the skin. Let us take a look at how to use wet wipes to clean and maintain the skin today!

Disposable wipes are generally thrown away once they are used. This is also the main point of distinguishing disposable wipes from towels. The reason why disposable wipes are better is that its use cycle is relatively short. Compared with towels that are used for a long time, disposable wipes contain less dirt, which can affect our facial skin to a certain extent, and have better care.

is wet tissue good for face

How to use wet tissue

Wipes usage is very simple. It’s good to cleanse our own facial skin, that is, after we have used the cleanser to cleanse, we can take a wet wipe and wipe it on our face. Of course, if some people find it too troublesome to get wet, they can also use it directly to dry the face.

Wet wipes can also be used as makeup remover cotton, fold the large size remover arbitrarily, let the makeup remover more freely, and save more makeup cotton. It can also be combined with mineral water or lotion to transform into wet wipes, which can moisturize and cool the face in time in the hot summer.

Usually, when we remove makeup, a small piece of makeup remover cotton is not enough for us. With such a wet wipe, we can not only easily remove makeup but also use it for the second skincare during skin care. Clean and apply some water-based skin care products, so as to avoid excessive pulling on the skin when applying skin care products by hand, causing some invisible damage to appear on the skin. I hope everyone can reduce the intangible damage that occurs during skin care while taking care of the correct skin care.

wet wipes for hands and face

How to use wet wipes

How to use wet wipes in our life?

  1. After eating and going to the toilet, you can wipe your hands directly with a wet tissue to cleanse your hands.
  2. For those who love to clean, they can wipe and disinfect with wet tissues before using public goods, such as steering wheels, door handles, desks, etc.
  3. If there are accidents such as falls or scratches when going out, you can wipe the area around the wound with a disinfectant wipe for preliminary disinfection to prevent secondary infection.
  4. In summer, it is hot and easy to sweat. You can also use a wet tissue to wipe the underarms to remove odor.
  5. When shoes, furniture, etc. are covered with excessive dust, gently wipe off the dust with a wet paper towel. Can achieve a very good cleansing effect.