At Yeesain, nothing is more important to us than your baby's safety. That's why Yeesain invests a lot of time and resources into ongoing research and innovation to improve the gentle, thorough clean moms have come to rely on in Yeesain Baby Wipes.

Here's a deeper look at the science behind the cleaning power of our gentle Yeesain Baby Wipes.

The Science Behind How Baby Fresh Wipes Clean

From soiled bottoms to messy hands, the main reason moms use baby wipes is their ability to clean up messes quickly, conveniently, and gently. There are three main factors that can affect how well baby wipes clean messes off skin:

Physical contact to gently pick up solid messes

Dissolving to loosen sticky messes

Absorption to soak up wet messes

baby fresh wipes

What's in a Baby Fresh Wipe

Yeesain Baby Wipes deliver gentle cleaning through a unique combination of a soft, nonwoven cloth-like material and a water-based lotion. Years of research have clinically proven Yeesain Baby Wipes to be safe and effective for newborn babies in helping to maintain healthy-looking skin and thorough cleansing.

Let's take a look at how each part of a Yeesain baby wipe is designed to help gently clean a baby's skin.

Soft Nonwoven Cloth-Like Material

The foundation of a Yeesain Baby Wipe is a fiber-blend material specifically chosen for its softness and flexibility. Made from modified cellulose and polypropylene, each fiber adds a unique property to generate a cloth-like feel. Modified cellulose is used to maximize cleaning and absorption, while polypropylene is added for extra softness and flexibility.

These fibers are interlaced to make a soft, stretchy, and cushion-like fabric that feels gentle on the skin. The flexibility of the wipe helps mom clean every crease and curve of her baby's bottom.

This process also creates spaces between fibers to provide absorption when cleaning liquid messes. This allows every Yeesain Baby Wipe to pick up residual soiling while wiping with light pressure, leaving a naturally clean feeling.

Mild Cleansing Lotion

The gentle water-based cleansing lotion is uniquely designed to help remove mess while caring for the baby's skin. The ingredients are all tested to be mild enough even for sensitive skin and are commonly found in other everyday skincare products. Here are some of the major ingredients that make up the lotion.


Each wipe is dampened with a water-based lotion. The lotion contains a high water level of up to 98 percent in order to help loosen and dissolve messes sticking to the skin. It can also dissolve any residual or dried urine from the skin.

Gentle Cleansing Agents

The lotion also contains some gentle cleansers, which can help pick up oily mess off the baby's skin. Oily messes are not water-soluble, so the ingredients help the lotion attract these components to the wipe for removal.

pH buffers

The lotion contains a citric acid-based buffer system to maintain a low buffering pH system, which helps maintain the natural pH balance of the skin.

Scientific studies show that baby's skin has a naturally healthy pH between 4.5 and 6. But mess from dirty diapers can increase the pH which makes the skin more susceptible to irritants. To counteract this, Yeesain Baby Wipes use a specially designed lotion with a buffering capacity to help maintain the skin's naturally healthy pH.


Each wipe contains a small number of preservative ingredients, which keep the wipes fresh before use and helps prevent cross-contamination by wipes while the package is open.