Easy to put in your gym bag or purse, feminine wipes can help you get clean before you shower after a day of exercise. Many users also suggest using female wipes to help clean up spills of menstrual products such as menstrual underwear and tampons. The materials used are to prevent viruses. Some people rely on female wipes for a fresh, clean feel or light smell, but please note that you don't necessarily need a female wipe to stay clean because the vagina is self-cleaning.

Fiber scientists at the Good Housekeeping Institute's Textile Lab consulted with leading gynecologists to find the best women's wipes that are safe to use and refreshing. The finalists were based on previous top-performing brands, as well as those that had received positive reviews online.

Do feminine wipes help with the odor?

Female wipes are best for deodorizing sweat smells, Dr. Dweck says, and even then, it's a band-aid effect. Every vagina has a natural odor that doesn't need to be covered up, but if you experience an unusual odor or any severe irritation, Dr. Dweck recommends consulting your gynecologist to rule out infection.

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Are feminine wipes safe to use?

Alyssa Dweck, M.D., a leading gynecologist in Westchester County, New York, is the author of "The Complete V." In most cases, women's wipes are safe to use for grooming in emergency situations, such as after strenuous exercise or a sweaty commute, she said. For super-sensitive skin, however, they can wreak havoc. If you are prone to vaginal infections, it is best to avoid using wet wipes, especially scented ones.

Some women use wipes that claim to "balance pH," Dr. Dweck said, but there are plenty of caveats. Both the vulva and vagina have normal pH ranges, so "if the rubbing reflects this pH, then the dressing will maintain a normal pH." If the tissue contains alcohol, it may be called antibacterial, but "this property may not last long, and it certainly won't treat bacterial infections," Dr. Dweck said. Therefore, the "pH balance" or "antibacterial" labels on wipes for women should not be the main reason to buy. Keep in mind that all women use wipes externally and must not use them internally, "because the normal pH can be changed, so infections can happen," says Dr. Dweck.

Finally, if you have UTI, Dr. Dweck recommends replacing women's wipes with "plain or lukewarm cotton towels." Whether a woman's wipes will cause a urinary tract infection depends on "the individual and the composition of the wipes," because "some women are very sensitive or susceptible to urinary tract infections," Dr. Dweck explains. It is difficult to know exactly what is causing UTI, but it is best not to potentially further stimulate the area.