Baby wipes are wipes specially designed for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have higher requirements because baby skin is very delicate and prone to allergies. The quality of baby wipes on the market is different, there are good baby wipes and bad baby wipes, so when new parents buy baby wipes, they should have a certain understanding of baby wipes, which will help to buy more suitable baby wipes.

non-woven baby wipes
non-woven baby wipes

Hygiene of baby wipes

Most of the baby wipes produced by regular manufacturers and companies with ISO certification meet the basic sanitary conditions. Baby wipes from small workshops without ISO certification should be used with caution.

Ingredients of baby wipes

1. Baby wipes generally do not contain alcohol, fragrance, and other ingredients that are irritating to the baby's skin. Everyone knows this. You should know 'is their alcohol in baby wipes.

2. The water used for wet wipes should be processed pure water.

3. Add some ingredients such as aloe vera and VE to the liquid. This is for skincare and nutrition. In fact, these ingredients make you feel more comfortable. If not, the problem is not very big.

4. The most important thing in the liquid should be the antibacterial ingredient. Baby wipes must have this.

5. Some wet wipes are added with chamomile extract, which is a plant native to the United Kingdom and is currently mainly distributed in some areas of Europe. The main function of chamomile is to resist skin allergies and has skin care effects, but it is not antibacterial.

baby wipes
baby wipes

Nonwoven material for wet wipes

1. The raw material of baby wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabrics (also called non-woven fabrics). Spunlace refers to a non-woven fabric forming process. There are other processes such as hot air and hot rolling, but baby wipes generally use water. The spunlace is better.

2. Spunlace non-woven fabric used for baby wipes. The main components are viscose (natural fiber mainly made of cotton) and polyester (chemical fiber), usually with 3:7 ratio, 5:5 ratio, 7:3 The ratio refers to the content ratio of viscose to polyester, and the 3:7 ratio means that viscose accounts for 30% and polyester accounts for 70%. The 7:3 ratio means that viscose accounts for 70% and polyester accounts for 30%. The higher the viscose content, the better the quality, and the higher the cost and price.

3. The higher the viscose content, the softer and the better the water absorption.

4. Baby wipes are basically usable with a 5:5 ratio, and the hand feeling and water absorption are also good. Some excellent products will use a 7:3 ratio, but most mothers can't feel it. If you want to distinguish, put the wet wipes After it is completely dried, touch it by hand, it still has a slight difference in hand feeling, or burn it with fire, the taste of different viscose content is also different (know that cotton fiber and chemical fiber are different in taste after burning), and the content of polyester is high. 

5. There is basically no manufacturer who can use 100% viscose, and the cost is too high, and there is no need for mothers to pay attention to this.

6. The forming process of spunlace non-woven fabrics is different between direct laying and cross laying. The tensile resistance of direct laying is poor, and it can be stretched very long with a light pull. It feels very leaky when used, and the resistance of cross laying The pull ability is much better, basically not deformed, and the cost price is slightly higher than that of the straight shop.

7. Regarding the pattern: general wet wipes are plain weave, and some big brands will use wet wipes with special patterns, which also shows the strength of the manufacturer. Patterned wet wipes are visually and feel good, but the overall quality should be judged based on some of the factors mentioned above. It is not that the patterned product must be of good quality.

Parents want to give their babies the best, so they will pay special attention to quality when choosing any product. There are many baby wet wipes manufacturers, and each manufacturer has a different process for producing baby wipes. Therefore, baby wipes on the market have their own characteristics, but the basic raw materials are the same. Henan Yeesain Sanitary Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of baby wipes, using advanced equipment and high-quality raw materials, and is committed to creating excellent baby wipes. If you want more information, please send us an email, we will get back to you soon.