In our daily life, we often take our baby out. Besides milk powder, pacifier, water, and snacks, what else do you need to carry? Generally speaking, it is not easy to wash your baby's hands and face with water when going out. At this time, if you carry a bag of baby wipes can help you a lot, it is not limited by the environment. Next, we will discuss the small pack baby water wipes with you.

All Kinds of Baby Wipes for You to Choose From

You can find many kinds of sensitive baby wipes in the market, such as multipack baby wipes, baby wipes individually wrapped baby wipes, and baby wipes in travel package. What kind of baby wipes should you take when you travel with your baby? To be honest, multipack baby wipes are easy to use at home and the price is cheaper than individually wrapped baby wipes. But if you go out, it will be very heavy in your bag, especially when you carry a lot of baby products. Therefore, when you travel with your baby, you'd better take the travel pack baby wipes or individually wrapped baby wipes. These kinds of wipes are not only easy to carry but also good for cleaning purposes.

The parents are taking their children on a trip

The parents are taking their children on a trip

What Are the Benefits of Small Pack Baby Wipes?

  • Our baby's sensitive wipes contain 99% pure water and 1% basic skin ingredients to provide a gentle clean for your baby's soft & delicate skin.
  • It can be used for babies with sensitive skin. Our travel pack baby wipes are low sensitive and have passed the skin test. Therefore, you can use it to wipe your baby’s hands and mouth.
  • Yeesain can add aloe and vitamin E according to your needs to keep your baby's skin hydrated.
  • No irritant. Free of lotions, fragrances, parabens, alcohol & dyes and elemental chlorine. In addition, it does not contain Phenoxyethanol.
  • Small pack baby wipes are lighter than multipack baby wipes, and you can easily put them in your pocket and bag.