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How to Teach a Dog to Use a Paws Pet Pad?

In nowadays, there are many families that have pets, the most common of which are dogs. Because dogs are more lovely and docile than other pets. Although dogs are lovely, we also encounter some problems in our life. For example, if a dog is not trained, it will often defecate at home and cause a bad smell in the home. If you don’t want your dog to mess up your home by defecating anywhere, you need a paws pet pad for your dog. Then the dog can defecate at the designated place. It’s just that dogs don’t defecate at the designated place at the beginning. They need to be trained to get rid of the bad habit of defecating everywhere.

Reward dogs with dried meat

Reward dogs with dried meat

How to judge whether a dog needs defecation?

Dogs usually have the habit of smelling and circling when excreting. But they don’t like the smell of urine, they do it to leave their own smell. If you use newspapers or puppy pee pads for training, it will feel like it has left a scent and will be picked up by its owner, which will make it difficult for the dog to know where to pee. Besides smelling, dogs also like the feel of their feet touching the ground. Therefore, many dogs like to pee on the floor.

Train your dog to defecate on the pet training pads

Before training your dog to use the pee training pad, you should define a training area and let him move around in it first. Then place the bowl, toy, bed on one side of the training area and a deodorant diaper on the other. Next, induce the dog to use the pee training pads. If your dog is too young, you can cover the isolation area with pet training pads. First you need to get the dog in the right position and then gradually reduce the area, eventually removing the isolation area and leaving only pet training pads. It should also be noted that with the increase of the dog’s body size, the choice of the puppy pee training pad should also be changed. The size of the puppy urinal pad should increase as the dog grows, or the dog may not pee on it properly.

Train your dog with a puppy mat

Train your dog with a puppy mat

Training intensification:

After the dog has peed in the right place, we can let him out and praise him. Limit your dog’s range if he or she defecates in the wrong place. Guide the dog during training and encourage him to go where there is a urinal pad. Praise them when they reach the pee pad and encourage them to defecate on it. If the dog defecates on the pet urinal mat, praise the dog and let it out. In this way, the dog will soon learn to defecate on the urinal mat.

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