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Can Babies Use Antibacterial Wipes?

We noticed that there are many parents who are finding antibacterial baby wipes for their babies. Because novel coronavirus is sweeping the globe, many countries and regions have seen a large number of confirmed cases. So parents want to disinfect their babies with antibacterial baby wipes. To be honest, we very agree with the idea that parents want to disinfect their babies, but if they use disinfectant wipes to disinfect their babies, it may cause many problems. We recommend that you do not use disinfecting wipes on your baby.

Reasons why you can’t use baby disinfectant wipes on your baby

Because infant skin is not as hard as adult skin, many chemicals and even alcohol disinfectants can be very dry and irritating to infants and toddlers. If you consider that your baby has to change diapers six times a day, coupled with several wipes on their hands and face, it’s not hard to imagine that baby’s skin will turn red and inflamed. Although it’s easy to think that after changing a dirty diaper, you should disinfect the baby’s buttocks. But to be honest, a little baby feces can’t cause diaper rash or infection. Unless the baby uses dirty diapers for a long time, or there are wounds or other open wounds in this area. Otherwise, you don’t need to disinfect your baby with a baby disinfectant wipes. If you see redness, inflammation, sores, rashes, or other unusual conditions on your baby’s skin, you should take your baby to a pediatrician immediately.

Disinfecting wipes can irritate your baby's skin

Disinfecting wipes can irritate your baby’s skin

Are baby wipes antibacterial?

Some people want to know if baby wipes have antibacterial effects. We can tell you that infant baby wipes are not antibacterial in all cases. Because baby wipes with alcohol or disinfectant chemicals can irritate the baby’s skin, most baby wipes manufacturers do not make baby wipes. Fortunately, baby wipes don’t need to be antibacterial because they don’t need to be safe and clean.

Clean the baby with soapy water

Clean the baby with soapy water


1. Do not use baby’ hand sanitizer wipes for your baby, especially those baby wipes with alcohol. Because you’re not sure if the baby will put his hand in his mouth.
2. Do not buy the baby hand sanitizer wipes sold on the market.
3. If you want to clean your baby’s skin, you can wash it with soap. Because soap also has a good bactericidal effect.

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