Baby wipes have become a necessity for many families, especially for families with children. Every mother wants to choose the safest baby wipes for their baby. If you want to get this kind of baby wipes, you need to know something about baby wipes. Do you want to know more information about that?  If your answer is yes, please read this article.

When were baby wipes invented?

The origin of baby wet wipes is probably in the mid-1950s. Because more and more people were traveling, there was a need for a product that could be cleaned along the way. One of the first companies to produce baby wipes was Nice-Pak. They made napkin sized cloth out of scented skin cleansers. Rockline Industries of Sheboygan, Wisconsin went on to be the first to innovate the first baby wipe refill pack and pop-up packs which have become common in the marketplace. The first products specifically marketed as baby wipes, such as Kimberly Clark's Huggies wipes and Procter & Gamble's Pampers wipes, were launched in 1990. As the technology of producing wipes becomes more and more mature, the price of wipes becomes more and more affordable, so smaller brands begin to appear. By the 1990s, most supermarkets (such as Kmart and Wal Mart) had brands of wipes produced by other manufacturers. After this period, the baby wipes industry flourished.


The safest baby wipes for sale

The safest baby wipes for sale

The ingredients of the safest baby wipes

The ingredients of baby wipes are very few, mainly non-woven fabrics, water, humectants and antimicrobials. We will give you more details in the following paragraphs.

  • Spunlaced non-woven fabric. The safest baby wipes are made of spunlaced nonwoven fabric. Spunlaced non - woven fabric is more tensile than ordinary non - woven fabric. And it's not easily broken.
  • Water. The moisture content in wet tissue is about 80. The baby wet towel can be very dry if the moisture content is too low. It is important to note that the water in the safest baby wipes is specially treated water, generally RO pure water.
  • Moisturizer. In order to keep the moisture from evaporating and to act as an antibacterial and antiseptic, all baby wipes contain moisturizers. And the name of the moisturizer is propanediol.
  • Antibacterial agents. In addition, in order to kill bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, there will be antibacterial ingredients in the baby wet wipes.
The ingredients of baby wipes are safe

The ingredients of baby wipes are safe

Different packages of baby wipes on sale

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