Disinfecting wipes or disinfectant wipes are one of the main types of wet wipes. American Arthur Julius is credited as the inventor of the wipe tissue. Julius, who worked in the cosmetics industry, adjusted a soap dispenser and put it in a Manhattan attic in 1957. in 1958, Julius registered the trademark Wet-nap, which is still being used today. After fine-tuning his new hand-washing assistant with a mechanic, he unveiled his invention at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in 1960. in 1963, he began selling wet products to Colonel Harland Sanders and then distributing them to KFC customers. This is a brief introduction to the origin of wet wipes. Now let`s get down to the point.

The Definition of Disinfecting Wipes 

Disinfectant wipe is a product with dust-free paper, non-woven fabrics or other raw materials as the carrier, purified water as the production water, appropriate amount of additives such as preservatives added, and a cleaning and disinfection effect on the surface of the skin and mucosa of medical equipment or the surface of production equipment. The killing rate of wet wipes to natural bacteria in field tests was 90.0%, and the killing rate of escherichia coli Staphylococcus aureus Candida Albicans and other microorganisms was 99.9.

disinfecting wipes to clean the door knob

disinfecting wipes to clean the door knob

The Best Substitute for Water, Soap, and Hand Sanitizer - Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are a non-woven fabric that is soaked in an aqueous solution containing disinfectant. Nowadays, disinfecting wipes are quite common in our daily life. They are highly portable and convenient for everyone, whether men or women, children or adults. Sometimes, we have no way to wash our hands outside just like at home. Furthermore, it always very difficult for us to find a toilet or so many people waiting in line. That is the time when our disinfecting wipes will come in handy. Therefore, we do not need to find a toilet or wait in the line with so many people. They are absolutely great substitutes for water, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Disinfecting Wipes at Homes

Disinfectant wipes are used to clean furniture, office machine, sports equipment, kitchens, bathrooms in order to protect families from the harm of viruses. Besides, they are also can be used to clean the knobs of VCR, DVD player, and TV, etc. You must clean them often because these knobs are used every now and then. These wipes can also be applied to clean doorknobs at home especially bathroom doors because may have many different types of virus. You must also use disinfectant wipes to sterilize the toilet seat. This will keep a bathroom free bathroom and will give you and your family a happy and healthy life. Such wipes consist of alcohol in order to kill any kind of virus effectively and for a long period of time. But you must ensure that you do not use it at a high temperature or close to fire since alcohol is flammable, and otherwise, can be very dangerous.

Different Kinds of Disinfectant Wipes Meet Different Needs

There are many types of disinfectant wipes, which can be used to disinfect our hands. One is called disinfecting wipes, it contains ethanol. The other is named antibacterial wipes, it does not contain ethanol. Different sorts of disinfectant wipes meet different requirements. Yeesain health technology Co., Ltd provides various disinfecting wipes with barrel packaging or bag packaging, 50 pcs, 80 pcs, or 100 pcs. Customized service can meet any of your special needs.


You may not realize but the truth is that bacterial and viruses are everywhere around you, and they may attack you at any time and lead to severe sickness. Have you ever cleaned your cellphone or the keyboard of your computer? If not, it is time for you to clean them with disinfecting wipes. This can keep you and your family safe, healthy, and happy.