Core tip: How do parents choose diapers suitable for their babies? It's better to understand the material of diapers first.

Do you Know the Material of Diapers?

1. The surface layer is made of plastic material, which is very soft and smooth to the touch, but its breathability is not satisfactory. The baby is prone to diaper rash after long-term use.

2. With pure cotton natural material as the surface layer, the breathability and hand feel are very good, it is as soft and comfortable as cotton cloth, and there is an inner layer with excellent water absorption performance in the middle, which can make the surface urine penetrate the cotton layer quickly Go in to make the surface dry and clean, so as to reduce the contact time of urine and baby's skin. It is a good choice for the baby to not easily produce diaper rash.

In fact, baby's diapers should be purchased in stages.

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The Main Points of Choosing Tiny Baby Mappies in Stages

1. Small babies (0~5 months): comfort and softness. Baby diapers should be breathable and non-irritating. Babies who have just come to this world have relatively low mobility, so comfort and softness have become the priority for mothers when choosing diapers. Newborn baby's diaper requirements:

After the baby has excreted, parents must change the diapers in time, so as to effectively avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. However, many newborn babies have irregular excretion, which makes it difficult for novice parents to grasp. Therefore, when choosing diapers, you can’t just focus on the thickness and water absorption strength, but choose light and breathable for your baby’s skin and seasonal characteristics. Type of diapers.

High-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven layer to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients, which not only feels smooth, soft and comfortable, but also effectively isolates the absorbed urine to avoid irritating the baby's skin ; At the same time, the protective layer can also moisturize.

2. School climbing period (6-12 months): fit for the body. The diapers used by the baby to learn to crawl should be close to the body and leak-proof. The baby gradually grows up and his range of motion is getting larger and larger. He has learned to sit alone, leaning forward, and wants to play with you with the toy in your hand. At this time, you I have to consider changing to a diaper that is more suitable for him.

If the baby moves too much, if the diaper design is unreasonable, leakage and side leakage during activities are likely to occur. Good diapers can safely separate urine from soft stools, allowing babies to explore the world easily.

This design of diapers allows mothers to freely adjust the tightness of the baby's waist size, which is the focus of many businesses' publicity. In this period, the baby needs the diapers to fit the body more, so that he can move more freely.

3. Toddler (after 13 months): design and tailoring. Loose and beautiful diapers are suitable for toddlers

When the baby takes the first step towards the world, it indicates that his independence and self-awareness are gradually maturing. Bloated and enlarged diapers will seriously affect the baby's activities, while diapers that are too small and tight are likely to abrade the skin on his inner thighs. During this period, when choosing the best nappy pants for toddlers, mothers should consider more about the design and tailoring of diapers.

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There Are 4 Principles for Buying Best Newborn Nappies

1. Absorb More and Fast

More absorption can reduce the frequency of replacement; fast absorption can reduce the time of urine contact with the skin. In addition, the material of the surface layer of the diaper should also be selected to be dry and non-seepage, so that the sleeping baby will not be unable to sleep securely by the wet diaper.

2. Breathable, Not Stuffy

The baby's diapers are uncomfortable, and mothers can use the sanitary napkins they use during their menstrual period to imagine: if they are not breathable, especially in summer, they will make people extremely uncomfortable and restless. Therefore, the baby's diaper is the same. The delicate and smooth plastic material is really breathable than cotton material? You need to observe the baby's butt!

3. Is It Comfortable to Touch

Tactile is the primary link for a baby to understand the world; a good tactile experience can help him develop a more complete sense of security. The establishment of a sense of security has a direct impact on future development behavior. The baby's skin is very sensitive, as long as there is a little irritation, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. This is worthy of your careful consideration.

4. Dry and Cool Without Leakage

The diapers sold on the market have actually reached the standard of no leakage, so mom and dad can be more at ease about this! But whether the necking design on the baby’s legs and waist is too tight and made of material due to leakage Whether the use makes the baby comfortable, we must pay attention to it!