When a mother is bringing a baby, she hopes to do everything in detail at all times, especially in the area of ​​hygiene and care. After having a baby, the consumption of wet wipes at home has increased. The appearance of baby wipes has greatly facilitated mothers to bring their babies. No matter where they are dirty, the wet wipes will be wiped away.

Many mothers will also prepare baby-specific hand and mouth wipes for their children, which are used to wipe the baby’s mouth, hands, face and even PP. Don’t look at the small package of wet wipes, but they can be said to be the best. used.

Many mothers choose baby hand and mouth wet wipes because most of them feel that these wet wipes have the effect of sterilization and disinfection, which can help children maintain better hygiene. However, many parents believe that buying baby wipes are actually paying an "IQ tax."

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In fact, baby wet wipes used by babies have a certain degree of disinfection and sterilization. Because they are in direct contact with the baby's hands and mouth, the safety requirements are higher than ordinary wet wipes. Therefore, buying baby hand and mouth wipes is not necessarily paying the "IQ tax", but if you buy the wrong baby hand and mouth wipes, it is really paying the "IQ tax."

According to the requirements of the national standard for wet wipes, a pH value of 3.5-8.5 is the best. Excessive acid or alkali will cause irritation to the baby's skin. So, how should we buy baby hand and mouth wipes to avoid paying the "IQ tax"? Seeing the following 4 points is the key.

1. Are the ingredients safe?

The best-rated baby wipes used on the baby’s mouth and hands, of course, must be safety first. The general wet wipes are composed of non-woven fabrics, purified water, and chemical additives. Good baby wipes should be 0 alcohol, 0 Flavor, 0 formaldehyde, 0 fluorescent whitening agents, the formula is mild and non-irritating, it can be used to wipe hands and mouth with confidence, and can also be used as a baby's food supplement.

2. Whether it is irritating

High-quality wet wipes do not have any irritating odor. When choosing wet wipes, some mothers will give priority to the fragrant wet wipes. But for babies, wet wipes without fragrance and irritating smell are the best choice.

Nowadays, some well-made wet wipes will add "xylitol" as a sweetener in the formulation. The main purpose of this is to make the baby better accept the wet wipes, and it can also promote the baby The secretion of saliva contributes to the acid-base balance of the oral cavity.

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3. The tightness is better

The main component of wet wipes is water, and the key to ensure that the moisture does not lose is the sealing design of the package. If the sealing is not in place and the internal moisture evaporates, the wet wipes will become dry, and the wet wipes that are not sealed will also It is easily contaminated by bacteria.

One more thing to note is that many wet wipes are "continuously drawn", that is, the next one will be taken out after one is drawn. You can only tuck the tissue back with your hands each time. The hygiene is not very good. Parents are choosing You need to pay more attention when buying wet wipes.

4. The material of the wet wipes

A good baby wipe should be made of high-quality non-woven fabrics. The main features of this type of wipes are pure cotton material, thick material, resistance to pulling, soft and skin-friendly, and will not shed hair no matter how you wipe it.

Finally, I would like to recommend a baby hand and mouth wipes that many moms are using. It is Yeesain baby wipes. The October Crystal brand is committed to focusing on the maternal and infant industry, so it understands the needs of mothers and babies better.

This baby hand and mouth wipes have a pH of 5.5, which is a weakly acidic PH value suitable for baby's skin, and it does not contain fluorescent brighteners, alcohol, fragrance, formaldehyde, and irritation. The moisture content of the wipes is also It is sufficient and easy to use without continuous pumping, so there is no need to worry about bacterial contamination and other issues.

Choosing an easy-to-use baby hand and mouth wipe is also very important to your baby's growth. When choosing wet wipes, mothers should pay attention to distinguishing that different wet wipes have different functions, and to use wet wipes for the baby in winter, you can heat the wipes with warm water through the bag to prevent the baby from getting cold.