In fact, it is not complicated to find a pet pee pad. The most important thing is the safety of the product. The selected material must be non-toxic and non-polluting. This is the most basic requirement. In addition, you only need to consider the following four With this element, you can easily identify which pet pee pads are high-quality products for your pet.

1. Absorptive Capacity

We should consider this element before buying any pet pee pads. It is the core and main function of pet pee pads.

Generally, the factors that determine the absorption capacity of pet urinals are the selection and quality of absorbent materials and the structural design of different material layers. Generally speaking, the more layers of the liner, the stronger the absorption capacity.

If the pet pee wee pad you choose is not made of high-quality materials, and the absorbent layer has not been carefully designed and processed, then such a pet pee wee pad cannot completely absorb the urine discharged by the pet, and it is no different from an old rag , It doesn’t make any sense for you to buy it.

With the development of technology, new breakthroughs have been made in the selection of pet urine pads. Some products will choose to have a super absorbent polymer (SAP) layer plus absorbent polymer technology to convert the urine excreted by the pet into a gel. It can prevent leakage and produce no peculiar smell, but the price of this pet pee wee pad is relatively high.

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2. Dimensions and Specifications

Size and specifications are one of the most easily overlooked factors for many pet owners when buying pet pee pads.

If you choose a pet pee wee pad that is too small, even if you have taught your pet how to use a pet pee wee pad, they may occasionally “lost their target” and excrete elsewhere.

Therefore, the pet pee wee pads you buy must be large enough not only to allow them to easily find the “quasi-urine area”, but also to ensure that the absorption capacity of the pet pee wee pads is sufficient to accommodate all the urine excreted by the pet, such as big Dan Large dog breeds such as dogs and Tibetan mastiffs need to buy XL or XXL pet pee wee pads (currently rare in the domestic market, some foreign brands have products of this specification).

On the contrary, if your mat is too large, it may also cause problems, which will cause your pet to confuse the mattress or the difference between the “playing blanket” and the pet pee pad, and it will be excreted in other areas.

So your first choice should be those pet pee pads whose rulers and specifications are in line with your pets. If your pets are still in their infancy, then as their size increases, the size of the pet pee pads should also be Increase with it.

3. Deodorizing Ability

Deodorizing ability is also an important indicator to consider whether a pet urinal product is excellent.

Many pet urine pad products on the market currently have the function of removing odors. They are generally achieved in two ways. One is to add activated carbon and other odor-absorbing materials, and the other is to add lavender and other fragrance ingredients to the product. The smell of the material itself masks the peculiar smell.

I recommend the first category of products because pets are very sensitive to odors. Adding odors that they are not familiar with will affect the difficulty of using pet pee wee pads.

It should also be noted that it is best to leave some weak temperature on the pee wee pad, so that your pet can find the pee wee pad more easily when training for fixed-point excretion.

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4. Extra Features

If you are satisfied with the above main elements, an additional function can add a lot to a pet pee wee pad.

If your pet used the pee wee pad frequently before and was torn apart by it in the end, then you need to choose some products with a relatively strong material to deal with this little guy with spoilage.

There is also a type of pee wee pad designed with a tape on the back, which allows the pee wee pad to stick to the attachment, increasing the difficulty of pets to tear and bite, and also prevent the owner or pet from accidentally dragging the pee wee pad to other locations and causing accidents .

5. About Inducers

Many manufacturers are advertised that their urine pads can better help pets learn to excrete, because they add odor or inducer ingredients to attract pets to toilet on the urine pad.

But in fact, not all pets like the same smell, so not all smells and inducers can work.

If you plan to excrete outdoors after your pets are young, then you can choose products with fresh grass scent, which can help them better adapt to the smell and environment of “outdoor toilets” in the future.

A urine pad with ammonia smell can also help pets learn to excrete at a specific point. Because ammonia is a by-product in urine, when pets feel that they need to excrete, they will choose a location that smells like ammonia because of the urine. The smell will tell it that this is its pee wee pad.

There are also some pet urine pads that add synthetic pheromone, which is what we call pheromones, to the product, and they are also sold in the form of spray, sprayed on the urine pad for use.

This kind of urine pad attracts dogs to excrete by making them think that there is a pheromone left by another dog.

In fact, if you are using ordinary urine pads without inducers, you can make your own inducers.

The specific method is very simple. Use a clean paper towel to collect a small part of the pet’s urine from the dirty place, and then put it on the pee wee pad. The smell of urine will tell your pet. Here is it. Its new toilet.