Is It Necessary to Buy Bra Pads for Leaking?

Regarding the question of whether to buy breast pads for leaking breasts, the answer varies from person to person.

· Mothers with Less Milk

Some mothers do not have enough milk, so they use bottle feeding. For such mothers, bra pads for leakings are redundant. Some mothers don’t have much milk, so homemade bra pads for leakings with clean gauze at home can solve the problem, so you don’t need to buy them.

· Moms with Plenty of Milk

However, the baby’s stomach volume is relatively small during the first period of time. For mothers with sufficient milk, there will be a lot of milk remaining after the baby is full. At this time, anti-galactorrhea may be needed. pad. Of course, some white-collar mothers return to work before their children are weaned. In order to avoid embarrassment, they usually choose to use breast pads. Although some mothers do not have a lot of milk, they still often leak milk, and they also need to buy and use.

How Many Bra Pads for Leakings Should Be Prepared

The number of breast pads required during lactation depends entirely on individual circumstances. Some mothers may only need two pairs of cotton, replaceable breast pads to solve the problem, while some mothers may use more than 100 disposable bra pads for leakings, this is based on the individual’s own milk volume and leakage. It depends on the milk situation.

If the mother wants to buy a washable bra pads for leaking, it is best to prepare two or more pairs for replacement. If you are buying disposable breast pads, you can purchase more than 40 pieces as a spare, and then make plans as appropriate.

Which Is Better: Disposable Bra Pad or Washable Nursing Pad

Generally speaking, experts and experienced mothers will recommend disposable breast pads for the following two reasons:

From an Experience Point of View

Disposable breast pads are better than replaceable breast pads in terms of absorption performance. Many mothers feel that although cotton breast pads are very comfortable to use, long-term use will gradually lose their water absorption properties.

From a Hygienic Point of View

bra pads for leakings that are used repeatedly for a long time will breed a lot of bacteria. Breast milk is a baby’s ration, but it is also a fertile ground for bacteria to multiply. It is impossible to kill bacteria by only relying on general laundry products and drying methods.

Precautions for Using Bra Pads for Leaking

1. Frequent Replacement

Nutrient-rich breast milk is a fertile soil for bacteria, and bra pads for leakings are their hotbed. Mothers should maintain the frequency of replacement every 3 to 4 hours, so as not to expose the nipples and skin to a sea of ​​bacteria, which may endanger the health of the baby.

2. Properly Place and Keep

Mothers please store the breast pads in a dry and cool place, and do not expose them to the sun for a long time. In addition, the bra pads for leaking is best placed outside the reach of the baby.

Tip: Before breastfeeding, mothers please clean the nipples carefully with warm water to set up an extra barrier for bacteria and reduce the threat to the baby.

bra pad

How to Choose the Right Bra Pads for Leaking for Yourself

There are a thousand physiques for a thousand people, and so are moms. Choosing bra pads for leaking is not easy to say, the one that suits you is the best.

· Sensitive-skinned mothers: cotton breast pads

The nipples and skin of such mothers are quite sensitive. If you choose a poor-quality bra pads for leaking to use next to the skin, it is easy to cause infection.

· Back milk family: disposable breast pads

Such mothers are usually white-collar workers or often have the need to go out. For them, a lightweight and portable disposable bra pads for leaking is more practical, not only comfortable for themselves, but also the frequency of replacement can be guaranteed.

· Milk-sufficient mother: brushed cotton breast pad

For mothers with exceptionally sufficient milk, an bra pads for leaking with a moderate amount of water can not satisfy them. Brushed cotton is thicker and absorbs more water than ordinary thin breast pads, which can provide milk tank type mothers with longer protection.

· Full-time mothers: washable breast pads

For full-time mothers who stay at home for a long time, replaceable bra pads for leaking are more cost-effective. They spend very little time out, and the inconvenience of changing and washing is almost nonexistent. Washable breast pads are an ideal choice and are more suitable for economic budgets. Limited mother.