75% alcohol and disinfectant wipes are now almost a must when going out. Public areas such as elevators, door handles, and office desks can be wiped with wipes before touching them to protect people from germs; but because 75% alcohol disinfectant Flammable "dangerous goods" cannot be brought into the subway, but wipes made of alcohol are completely fine; in comparison, 75% alcohol wipes have more application scenarios than 75% liquid alcohol!

The concentration of alcohol used for sterilization and disinfection on the market is generally 70%-75%, so why choose this concentration?

The experimental data prove that the optimal disinfection concentration of alcohol is 75%. When the alcohol molecule is close to the bacteria, the protein around the bacteria and its surface cannot be solidified instantly, so that a protective film cannot be formed, and it can smoothly enter the cells of the bacteria, completely killing the bacteria. The protein denatures, destroys bacteria, and achieves the effect of sterilization.

Can I Carry Alcohol on the Train?

When taking the high-speed rail, you can bring packaged and sealed alcohol disinfectant wipes to wipe your hands, seats, etc. Alcohol-based disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide disinfectants, disinfectants containing flammable substances, peracetic acid disinfectants, chlorine-containing disinfection effervescent tablets, bleaching powder, potassium permanganate disinfectant tablets, etc. are prohibited from entering the station and getting on the bus. Due to the fact that the hand sanitizer contains alcohol, it is currently not possible to enter the station through the security check.

Deeyeo 75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes are the best choice during the epidemic! As the old saying goes, you can see stains, but bacteria are everywhere, but you can't see them. Therefore, you can't be idle whether you are at home or outside. Wipe it with alcohol wipes frequently, it is safe and secure!

And this is a single piece of independent packaging, easy to carry; put it in a bag or pocket, a thin piece, does not take up space, is convenient for us to carry, and can effectively sterilize and disinfect.